Sheet mask or Smear mask? Read it and get the answer!

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A facial mask is one of the most effective ways to refresh our skin in our daily skincare routine. To reap promising skincare results, the choice of type of facial mask is essential. Within so many categories of the facial mask on the market, how to choose the right one? Let’s keep reading below!

Two types of facial masks on the market: sheet mask & smear mask

Sheet Mask:

The advantage of a cloth sheet, a sheet mask has ingredients saturated on the skin in an occlusive manner to increase absorption quickly. The material of the cloth sheet has a significant influence on the effect of the product. In recent years, Bio-cellulose Masks, Bionic Membrane Mask with high comfortability, and Tencel Mask with high breathability have been very popular.

In addition, there are sheet masks for virtually every skincare concern, from anti-aging to redness. It makes sheet masks useful for skin types, tones, and problems. However, if your skin is sensitive, choosing a soft cloth sheet with hypoallergenic ingredients is recommended.

Sheet Mask comparison table

Non-woven MaskTencel MaskBio-cellulose MaskBionic Membrane Mask


Smear Mask:

The sticky texture of the smear mask can completely cover the entire face, which can customize for the treatment of different parts. According to the surface, smear masks can generally be divided into clay, jelly, cream, and peel-off. They have other functions for different skin types that can meet individual skincare needs.

Smear Mask table

CategoryFormRinse off or notSkin type
Clay maskPasteRinse off after 20 minAll skin types
Jelly maskGelLeave on overnight and rinse offAll skin types
Cream maskCreamLeave on overnight and do not rinse offNormal to dry (not ideal for oily skin)
Peel-off masksGelPeel off after 20-30 min and rinse offNormal to oily (not ideal for sensitive skin)


More creative masks are available, bringing customers a fresher skincare experience

There are increasingly creative masks on the market with specific improvements in product efficacy and user experience—their highly imaginative effects on customers’ sense of sight, smell, and hearing.

Mask 1


The Firming Mask previously produced by Unicare tightens face skin competently and creates a dramatic user experience. More and more cracks like wrinkled appear on the smeared part of the face over time. After rinsing off, the skin becomes smooth and soft, like a shelled egg, visually in contrast. What’s more, the Bubble masks that will bubble up and the Sakekasu Masks that are full of aroma are also distinctive. For more mask product information, welcome to contact us for cooperation.