What is the difference between the “skin smoothie” sorbet cream and ordinary creams?


As the weather is becoming hotter and hotter, many people like to have an icy drink. While cooling your body, it’s also a good idea to give your skin a glass of “smoothie” – the refreshing sorbet cream! What is sorbet cream? How is it different from ordinary creams? This article will show you! What is the difference between sorbet cream and regular creams?

Sorbet Cream|An innovative form like a smoothie

Sorbet Cream is an innovative form similar to a smoothie, as it looks matte and refreshing. It has a lightweight and hydrating texture like a gel, which can quickly increase moisture content in the skin. The oil-controlling particles in it melt with the body temperature and leave a matte film on the skin, which can keep the skin’s surface fresh.

The differences between sorbet cream and ordinary cream

The moisture products on the market are generally in the form of cream, mainly formed by replacing oil drops with surfactants. They are highly moist but feel greasier comparably, so they are more suitable in dry and cold weather, especially for dry, sensitive, and mature skin. The sorbet cream feels like a gel, as it takes advantage of the hydration of gel to form. Unlike the gel, it contains abundant oil-controlling particles with the effect of oil-controlling. Thus, it is a good choice for oily skin in hot and humid weather.

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