Lotion, cream, gel-lotion, or gel-cream? How to choose wisely?

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Lotion and cream are essential steps in our skincare routine that help us capture the moisture and nutrients in our skin. What are the differences between them? And what are the characteristics of gel-lotion and gel cream on the market? How to choose the right product texture? The article will give you the answers.

The role of lotion & cream: capture moisture and nutrients

Lotion and cream usually apply after toner and serum. Since the main component of serum is water, when its absorption is incomplete on the skin surface, the water in it will take away the original moisture of the skin through its volatilization, resulting in drier skin. Therefore, after using the toner and serum, it’s necessary to apply lotion and cream containing specific oil. It can quickly form a protective film to protect the skin from losing water and nutrients so that the skin can keep Long-lasting hydration and elasticity.

Choose the suitable texture according to the skin type: lotion vs. cream vs. gel-lotion vs.gel-cream

  • Lotion: The texture of the cream is relatively light, including the smaller quantity of oil. It can be applied evenly and absorbed well to improve the skin’s moisture quickly. Since it’s lightweight and easy to grip, it’s more comfortable for oily skin.
  • Cream: The texture of the cream is relatively thick and oily, and it needs to be massaged evenly for the skin to absorb fully. It feels more moisturizing. Thus it’s more suitable for dry or mature skin.

Manufacturers designed gel-lotion and gel cream to provide consumers with more choices of product texture. They differ from lotion and cream produced by the emulsion process, mainly formed by rearranging the oil droplets with surfactants. Gel lotion and gel cream take advantage of gel to capture the oil. As their main ingredients are still water, they feel lighter and fresher. Although lotion, cream, gel lotion, and gel cream sound similar, their texture and touch differ because of different oil-water ratios. We can choose products based on our skin types and seasons.

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*Gel cream and lotion may have similar feeling depending on the specific formula.


Unicare designed various lotions, creams, gel lotions, and gel creams based on diverse skin types and life scenes. Try distinctive water-oil ratios to provide consumers with a better skincare experience. Welcome to contact us for more information.