Pick the Perfect Makeup Remover: Oil, Water, Cream and Balm

Makeup Remover

The vast array of makeup removers available on the market can be overwhelming. But fear not because Unicare is here to provide you with the ultimate solution! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of everyday makeup remover types, compared their pros and cons, and recommended the most suitable one based on common skin types and various types of makeup. Additionally, we’re excited to introduce our new Flora Deep Cleansing Gel Cream, which boasts three unique features to help it stand out from other products and become your next hot seller!

A Chart to Figure out the Diversity of Makeup Removers

It’s typically classified makeup removers into four different types based on their formulations: water-based, oil-based, cream-based, and balm-based. They have other cleansing principles, textures, and feelings on the skin. You can find products with dry, oily, sensitive, or mature skin. Check out the table below to gain an extensive understanding of the diverse types of makeup removers and find the ideal match for your skin type!

The Comparison of Different Makeup Removers

Formula/TextureSkin TypeAdvantagesDisadvantages
Water-Based Makeup RemoversUse water and surfactants to break down makeupFor oily or acne-prone skinLightweight and refreshing; Leave no residue on the skinOnly effective at removing light to moderate makeup; Wipe with cotton pads, easy to pull fragile skin
Cream Makeup RemoversCream from oil-water emulsionFor sensitive skinEasy to apply; Moisturize the skinBetter removal power than water-based one but still cannot effectively remove heavy makeup
Oil-Based Makeup RemoversUse oils like mineral oil, coconut oil, etc., to dissolve oil-based makeupFor dry and mature skinEffective at removing heavy and waterproof makeupEase to clog pores and cause acne risks with mineral oil and other petrochemical-derived ingredients
Balm Makeup RemoversSolid balm that melts into an oil-like consistencyFor dry, sensitive, and mature skinComparable to the removal power of oil-based ones, it can effectively remove heavy makeup.Require complete emulsification to dissolve makeup effectively; Easy to leave wax residue on the skin


Makeup Removal New Revolution: Lightweight Skin Feel + Ultra Cleansing Power

If you’re looking for a product that offers lightweight texture and exceptional cleansing power, Unicare’s new Flora Deep Cleansing Gel Cream is your best solution! A perfect blend of water and oil delivers a refreshing and comfortable feel on the skin while providing powerful makeup removal capabilities similar to oil-based removers. Massage gently and rinse clean to effectively dissolve all the makeup residue in your pores. With three outstanding features, this product is set to become people’s next must-have item:

01 Gel Cream Texture: Turn to Silky-Feeling Oil

The new Flora Deep Cleansing Gel Cream from Unicare features a unique texture that effortlessly transforms from gel cream to oil upon application, providing a lightweight and silky feel that surpasses traditional water- and oil-based makeup removers. The soft and smooth texture glides across the skin, leaving a delicate and gentle touch, and even sensitive areas such as the eyes and lips won’t feel irritation or discomfort.


02 99% Herbal Formula: Gentle and Skin-Friendly

The plant oil in the makeup remover is gentle and skin-friendly, similar to the skin’s natural sebum, protecting the skin from external stimuli. At the same time, it contains the power of three plant extracts, including Pansy Violet, Chamomile, and Sacran, which can deeply moisturize and soothe skin, making it appear more youthful and hydrated after cleansing.

Makeup Remover

03 Hydrophilic Emulsification Tech: Need No Time for Any Emulsification

Breaking the limitations of regular balm makeup removers, this product can be directly applied after pressing, gently massaging to relieve skin pressure, and dissolving makeup immediately with its exposure to water in a second. It needs no time for any emulsification. And the skin feels clear and refreshing without any wax residues.

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