Break through the maintenance stagnation period! High-efficiency maintenance of black technology – microneedle patches are being rammed.

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With the trend of high-efficiency maintenance, the market expects more effective skincare products. Applying precise and efficient beauty tech can quickly catch consumers’ eyes and further promote purchases. Microneedle patches, the innovation that breaks the boundary of “traditional smeared skin care products,” use tiny needles to open channels for active ingredients. It can enhance the absorption of efficacy factors and help beauty lovers break through the longstop in their daily routine. It has become a potential hot seller for many leading brands.

Microneedle patches Maintenance

111skin, advanced cosmeceuticals counter brand in London, UK, which is the recommended brand of Victoria’s Secret Angels, launched Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask. It is a micro-needle patch covered with 150 micro-needle triangular cones. The 0.3mm vertebral body can simulate the unique structure of human skin and perfectly fit the specific facial parts. The tiny cones can penetrate the skin barrier painlessly, carrying high-concentrated hyaluronic acid and vitamin C directly to the skin base. It can brighten and moisturize dull and dry skin.

ACROPASS, the endorsement brand of the Kpop group, has launched a micro-needle eye mask. Through the micro-needle patch, Arnica Montana Extract oil promotes circulation around the eyes, vitamin C affects melanin production, and vitamin F strengthens the skin barrier deep into the skin’s bottom. They improve roughness and dullness and restore smooth and glowing skin. At the same time, superfood quinoa seed extract, date palm seed, and glutathione are added to nourish and repair the sensitive skin around the eyes.

South Korea’s hot-selling brand ARTPE has launched a skin conditioning microneedle patch for red and swollen acne. A small acne patch contains hundreds of microneedles, which can quickly pass through the hardened cutin, targeting the acne breakout site, and accurately transmit hydrating and repairing compounds such as hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, and madecassoside. They can calm inflamed areas, soothes skin discomfort, and prevents further breakouts.

Microneedle patch provides another new option for high-efficiency maintenance for those afraid to try aesthetic medicine. The consumers can get a unique use process and incredible skincare effect. I believe such a beauty tech can create more value and discussion around your products. Unicare launched the EGF hyaluronic acid microneedle patch, which has the advantages of good penetration, quick revitalizing, and no residue. Combined with the star anti-aging ingredient- EGF, it can accurately fight against fine lines and wrinkles and help the skin regain plumpness. For more product details, welcome to contact us.