3 principles for finding skincare OEM/ODM! Easily create your exclusive product.

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With leading brands constantly subdividing their product lines and niche brands springing up like mushrooms, choosing the proper “skincare OEM/ODM manufacturer” is the key to creating your beauty products precisely! 3 principles of selecting OEM/ODM manufacturers, make your products accurately enter the market, quickly find the customer and capture their hearts.

Principle 1: Know what kind of skincare OEM/ODM service you need.

You should choose the appropriate OEM/ODM services when creating your product. Without production equipment and a professional factory, you can entrust experienced and certified skincare manufacturers to assist in production, mainly divided into 2 ways: OEM and ODM.

DefinitionOriginal Equipment ManufacturerOriginal Design Manufacturer
ExplanationThe customer commissions the OEM to carry out OEM manufacturing.The manufacturer assists customers in planning products according to brand image, from ingredient choice and formula design to product testing, to jointly create suitable items for customer groups.
SuperiorityThe manufacturer quickly produces products that customers demand.The factory assists customers in saving research and development time for precise development.
Suitable forBrands with internal R&D who can design formulas, confirm the stability of procedures, and assist in the technical transfer of recipes.Those who want to customize skincare formulas or create a brand have no relevant experience.

Nowadays, brands usually find skincare manufacturers with internal R&D teams for ODM cooperation. The purpose is to enable the R&D and marketing of both parties to jointly design products that meet the needs of the masses and the brand’s characteristics. In addition to creating products for customers’ private-label, some manufacturers also provide white-label products, allowing clients to publicize products quickly. Usually, these clients already have sales channels or a certain number of fans but do not have relevant product design experience. Therefore, they can test the consumption usage habit of their customers through the small-scale production of white-label products so that they can more accurately locate the direction of their brands’ style.

DefinitionThe manufacturer produces products according to the brand’s needs; the product formula is exclusive to the brand.The brand uses products developed by the manufacturer and sold after affixing brand labels.
SuperiorityThe robust product style and uniqueness.
Product functions can be customized or upgraded according to brand needs.
It can quickly enter and test the market.
It can be produced in small quantities.
Suitable forThe brand has its image and product features.Clients who have not established a brand but have a channel or fan base.

Principle 2: Choose a manufacturer with professional certification

When you confirm your needs, finding a high-quality skincare OEM/ODM can save you a lot of trouble. 3 key points help you quickly select suitable partners: regulatory skincare OEM/ODM manufacturers, professional R&D teams, and clean factories.

Regulatory skincare OEM/ODM manufacturers

According to the factory definition in the “Establishment Standards for Cosmetics Manufactory” and “Guidelines On Good Manufacturing practices,” skincare products can only be produced legally if they pass regulations. The factories that pass GMP or ISO22716 international standard audits can provide you with more stable quality.

Professional R&D teams

The manufacturer has a professional R&D team that can assist you in precisely creating products, from product development and formula design to advising on marketing plans to make your businesses run more smoothly.

Clean factories

When your product is ready to enter the mass production stage, the foundry has professional equipment, a clean area, and a public health & safety working environment that can make the product quality stable and safe.

Principle 3: Confirm the quantity and order price

After you have selected the manufacturer, you need to consider the minimum production quantity (MOQ) and budget, and they will provide you with the most suitable plan. MOQ is mainly limited by the size of production equipment and the MOQ of packaging. That’s why manufacturers’ definition of “small quantity” is different. The budget can assist manufacturers in designing products and planning which ingredients, packaging materials, and printing methods are suitable for you. You can discuss it with the manufacturer if you don’t know how to start.

For experienced or start-up brands, if you are looking for a skincare OEM/ODM manufacturer, you only need to pay attention to 3 principles. These will be able to create more high-quality and effective products for your brand that satisfy consumers’ needs. Unicare has been a professional skincare OEM/ODM manufacturer for over 20 years. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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