【News】UNICARE Biotechnology leads sustainable beauty and launches ocean-friendly sunscreen CDMO


As the global awareness of environmental protection rises, a new wave of sustainable beauty has simultaneously emerged. Many well-known international brands have launched environmentally friendly solutions in response to sustainable actions. For example: Guerlain meets its commitment to biodiversity and quality education through beekeeping training programs; LA MER uses 90% of marine plant ingredients from sustainable sources; CHANTECAILLE uses cutting-edge plant extraction technology to ensure that it does not damage the ecology. These actions not only show the brand’s respect for the natural environment but also drive the beauty industry towards environmental sustainability.

UNICARE sunscreen products inspired by ocean-friendly,

do our part to protect the earth

As an advocate of the technological transformation of sustainable beauty development in Taiwan, UNICARE Biotech actively promotes sustainable beauty CDMO cooperation and is committed to the development of sustainable beauty based on innovative research and development, sustainable raw materials, customized design, and carbon reduction processes. It takes the lead in advocating ocean-friendly sunscreen to implement the SDG14 sustainability goals and creates new sunscreen options for brand customers that are more healthy and friendly for consumers.

Why is the push for ocean-friendly sunscreen so important? The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) found that just one drop of oxybenzone was enough to cause coral bleaching and cessation of growth in 6.5 Olympic swimming pools! Coral reefs, nicknamed “tropical rainforests in the ocean,” contain rich biodiversity and play a key role in maintaining the ecological diversity of marine fish. Therefore, to prevent coral bleaching from affecting marine ecology, the governments of Palau and Hawaii have formulated corresponding marine protection policies. Starting in 2020, non-compliant sunscreen lotions will be banned in all waters of Palau, while the Hawaiian government in the United States will ban sunscreen lotions containing benzophenone (oxybenzone) or octyl methoxycinnamate (octinoxate) starting in 2021.

UNICARE  Biotechnology’s ocean-friendly sunscreen CDMO focuses on ocean protection and promotes the SDG14 sustainability goals from the inside out. It not only does not use harmful preservatives but also complies with the standards of prohibited ingredients in Palau and Hawaii regulations. We strongly invite brand manufacturers to participate in responding to the ocean-friendly spirit and integrate it into new products. Develop, contribute to ocean friendliness, protect the environment, and move towards the vision of sustainable beauty development.

【Thanks to Economic Daily for the report】