2024 Sustainable Beauty Trends! Is sustainability important to consumers?


Undoubtedly, in 2024, we are moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Beauty and personal care brands must embrace true sustainability, making products geared towards sustainable development, transparent messaging, and considering the entire supply chain. In recent years, consumers’ conscious lifestyle concerns have been steadily increasing, with a rapid growth trend in sustainable choices for overall well-being, skincare, and hair care formulations.

Latest Sustainable Beauty Trends:

1. Continuing Progress in Sustainable Beauty:
Zoe Boikou, CEO and Founder of Zoeva, points out that in 2024, “consumers will be more concerned about reusable and recyclable products.” In fact, in the latest sustainable beauty report, 69% of people stated that sustainability is more important to them than two years ago.

2. Sustainable Eco-Friendly Packaging and Minimalist Design:
With a growing focus on sustainability, consumers are more aware than ever of their environmental impact, expecting brands to take responsibility. Cosmetic companies are adopting eco-friendly packaging solutions, with expectations for 2024 to see more biodegradable materials, refillable containers, and a reduction in plastic packaging. Minimalist design with clean lines and harmonious color tones is also becoming increasingly popular.

3. Cruelty-Free and Natural Ingredients:
Consumer concern for animal welfare is driving brands towards cruelty-free beauty products. Additionally, more brands are opting for natural ingredients, emphasizing product purity and natural sourcing. Natural ingredients are creating a wave in the beauty market.

2024 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Goals Most Focused on in the Beauty Industry:

Beauty SDGs are leading the entire beauty industry towards a more environmentally friendly and socially responsible future.

1.SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production:

Major beauty brands are pursuing environmentally friendly practices throughout the product lifecycle, from reducing plastic packaging to choosing recycled and reusable materials. L’Oréal, for example, provides training and technical assistance to pickers through unified procurement, enabling them to improve harvest capacity in a more environmentally friendly way.

2.SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth:

Ensuring transparency in labor services, supporting employee rights, and publicly disclosing the product production process help create a sustainable economic growth environment. AVEDA is helping improve the living environment of over 1.3 million people in 95 countries through the Global Green Fund.

3.SDG 14 – Life Below Water:

Reducing plastic usage, choosing ocean-friendly ingredients, and avoiding harmful additives ensure products do not harm marine ecosystems. Neogence has been making donations to support Taiwan’s coral reef examination project.

4.SDG 5 – Gender Equality:

Skincare is no longer exclusive to women, with an increasing number of men’s skincare brands rising. Encouraging gender equality, supporting women’s roles and rights in various industries, and promoting gender equality beauty standards to reflect diverse beauty. Noble Panacea and Girl Up empower women and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds through scientific education.

5.SDG 15 – Life on Land:

Using sustainably sourced natural ingredients, such as utilizing biotechnology to ferment active ingredients, helps reduce land resource usage, ensuring that the product production process does not cause irreversible damage to terrestrial ecosystems. L’OCCITANE actively participates in organic farming of plant raw materials, contributing to natural farm restoration projects.

6.SDG 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation:

Reducing water usage in the production process and using clean water resources, advocating for water conservation, clean water, and environmentally friendly detergents. KIEHL’S introduces waterless beauty products like the Amazon White Clay Powder, rich in minerals and trace elements, which deeply cleans pores and absorbs excess oil and dirt.

It is evident that consumer demand for sustainable beauty products will continue to grow, and “sustainability” will be a trend we will continue to see! UniCare actively promotes sustainable beauty CDMO, committed to providing customers with tailor-made innovative products and sustainable ingredients, including beauty care products such as premium creams, serums, personal care, and scalp care products. We embed the concept of sustainable beauty deep into our hearts, providing professional and trustworthy services in every stage from research and development to product development.