Shampooing Can Love the Earth! How Major Brands Stand Firm in the Sustainable Hair Care Market

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In recent years, the hair care market has continued to be vibrant, and as the trend towards sustainable beauty becomes more common, brands are increasingly integrating sustainability concepts into their hair care products! It’s particularly noteworthy that during the pandemic three years ago, people spent more time at home, which changed some consumer and lifestyle habits. The expectation for hair care products has become more focused on scalp care functions and whether the ingredients are sustainable and harmless! This means that consumers crave hair care products that provide them with a more refined and professional product experience, and the basic cleansing and conditioning of the past can no longer meet their needs. This has driven brands to continually innovate and integrate the spirit of sustainability to create more thriving opportunities in the hair care market.

Together for the Love of the Earth, Releasing the Gentle Beauty of Hair Sustainably

It’s evident that major brands both domestic and international have entered the field of sustainable beauty, discovering that the market increasingly favors hair care products with natural ingredients, such as natural organic hair care, scalp care, refill packs, and packaging made from recycled materials for consumers to choose from! Under the principle of sustainability, Unicare has accumulated years of product development experience and strictly controls various details from the source, such as the safe sources of raw materials, whether the selected ingredients are harmless to the human body, and even includes carbon reduction processes and the treatment and discharge of industrial wastewater produced during the manufacturing process. Unicare actively advocates for supporting actions that love the Earth while simultaneously releasing the gentle beauty of hair sustainably.

Successful Case Studies of Well-Known Hair Care Brands:

1. KLORANE Cooling Purifying Shampoo with Peppermint
The French plant extract brand KLORANE, with all shampoo and hair mask formulas being biodegradable and free from animal ingredients, features packaging and plastic bottles that are recyclable. The Cooling Purifying range, with peppermint cultivated in Southwest France, helps with deep cleansing, reducing odor and dirt adherence, offering a fresh, lemon and mint fruity fragrance, ideal for summer use! This series, with its new eco-friendly packaging, is even more earth-loving.

2. Juliart Glycyrrhizin Acid Exfoliating Liquid
This liquid shampoo without medicinal ingredients, added with glycyrrhizin acid complex, gradually controls oil and conditions the scalp, keeping it fresh and non-greasy. The citric acid complex gently softens dead skin cells, improving scalp pore clogging issues, purifying the scalp skin, leaving the scalp not tight or itchy after washing. From product raw materials, production, transportation to recycling, it meets environmental-friendly and circular economy concepts, becoming the first hair care brand to pass the “BS 8001 Circular Economy Assessment” in 2021.

3. Rene Furterer Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Oily/Dry Scalp
The new anti-dandruff series by Rene Furterer, with shampoo bottles made from 24% recycled plastic, eliminates paper box packaging, reducing carbon emissions by 37%. Rene Furterer uses the safest ingredients, free from silicones, sulfates, Phenoxyethanol, and Paraben preservatives. It also refuses to use chemical anti-dandruff ingredients harmful to the biotic environment, like ZPT zinc pyrithione, blocking all potential environmental risks and harm to marine and natural ecologies.

4. O’right Green Tea Shampoo
O’right’s Green Tea Shampoo, using certified organic tea leaf extracts, helps regulate scalp skin oil, providing a refreshing and comfortable scalp feeling! For 15 years, O’right has built a green supply chain, becoming the world’s first zero-carbon beauty brand, with all products from raw material acquisition, manufacturing, transportation, consumer use, to waste recycling achieving carbon neutrality. The packaging reduces carbon emissions by up to 80%; the newly launched pump also reduces carbon emissions by up to 66%.

The hair care market trend shows that while consumers pursue hair and scalp care, they also care about the sustainability of the products. Consumers expect hair care products to not only cleanse and care for the scalp but also pay attention to ingredient additions. Unicare is committed to the sustainable beauty philosophy, selecting plant-extracted legal ingredients from components, raw materials to production, treating the environment kindly. Product development also considers the differences in hair and scalp between genders, making care not just a privilege for women, aligning with SDGs 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDGs 5 Gender Equality goals. We welcome you to contact us to explore new opportunities in hair and scalp care!