The latest generation of Microcrystalline Technology achieves efficient skincare, with a thousand nourishing efficient crystal balls offering an unprecedented silky and refined experience for your skin!


The fast pace of life has seemingly become the norm for modern individuals, with more efficient skincare being eagerly desired by the new generation of young people. It’s apparent that the previously popular “high concentration” products can no longer satisfy consumer expectations. Unicare Biotech advocates for the idea that “only by combining high concentration with high penetration technology can we achieve truly effective results.” This article will introduce you to Unicare’s latest scientific products and technologies!

Unicare’s exclusive Microcrystalline balls skin care technology-Aurora Microcrystalline Technology

1. Microfluidic Microspheres x Essence Concentration Technology
Unicare introduces cutting-edge European microfluidic microsphere technology, uniquely combining microfluidic microspheres with essence concentration technology, to refine precious and luxurious aurora microcrystals. This process encapsulates rare active ingredients within the microcrystals, fully protecting them and keeping the active components highly effective and fresh.

2. Algae Microcapsule Technology
Carefully selected natural seaweed essence wraps around rare active ingredients, fragrances, and various types of skincare agents. Perfectly encapsulating rare essential oils, it helps provide consumers with an instant fresh and fragrant experience. The encapsulated concentrated essence nourishes the skin instantly, creating a noticeably youthful and beautiful complexion.

Unicare’s brand new Aurora Microcrystal Technology offers multi-color diamond microspheres, providing consumers with a rich and luxurious visual feast, and a variety of particle sizes to choose from, suitable for a range of customized products, allowing flexible adjustments to texture and a soft, moisturized touch.

Unicare’s Latest Scientific Product for 2024 – A Thousand Microcrystalline balls Nourishment for Your Skin’s Silky and Delicate Touch

3D Anti-Aging Revitalizing Microcrystalline balls

►Leading the Market with Microcrystalline Technology
A market-exclusive anti-aging Microcrystalline balls, carefully selecting Bacuchiol, a hot skincare ingredient in recent years, derived from the natural leguminous plant Psoralea Corylifolia, with a purity of up to 99%. It helps rejuvenate and enrich the skin, effectively soothing the skin and delaying signs of aging, gentle and less likely to irritate the skin. Specially added Centaury and plant hexapeptide, manually harvested flowers are of natural origin, in line with sustainable plant development. Targeted extraction technology quantifies active ingredients, ensuring supreme anti-wrinkle activity, deeply supporting skin structure, strengthening the skin foundation, relieving skin stress, quickly smoothing fine lines, improving skin firmness & smoothness, and enhancing elasticity. Featuring naturally produced astaxanthin, known for its strong protective power, containing unparalleled defensive energy, actively anti-aging, protecting collagen, and strengthening the skin barrier. Also available are soothing, repairing, and brightening revitalizing microspheres for selection.

►Breaking Through the Skincare Plateau
Aurora Microcrystalline Technology + Top Suspension Technology, the Microcrystalline balls contain skin-friendly energy, instantly releasing complete vitality upon application. Hydrating and light oil helps ingredients quickly reach the skin base. Microcrystalline balls are evenly distributed and more durable, stably maintaining a suspended state, lightweight and non-sticky, oil-free film feeling for fast absorption, replenishing moisture, enhancing the skin barrier, and preventing moisture loss, fulfilling the skin’s oil-water balance needs

With over 20 years of product development experience, Unicare Biotech continuously innovates technology, leading market demand. To align with the global trend of sustainable beauty and skincare, Unicare Biotech proactively implements actions for SDG9 and SDG12 sustainable development goals in industrial innovation and production. Furthermore, it simultaneously advances skincare product ODM technology, continuously developing technological advantages, such as exclusive encapsulation technology to accelerate product innovation. Interested in learning more about exclusive product development technology and formulas? Please fill out the form below or contact us, and we will quickly arrange a free consultation service for you.

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