The key to crystal ball essence care turns out to be this! The crystal ball care products that are popular in the market all possess these characteristics!

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For achieving the best skincare effects, the selection of effective ingredients and their complete absorption are two crucial factors. As a result, many well-known brands have been upgrading or launching new products based on this concept. Crystal ball care encapsulates active ingredients for moisturizing, whitening, and anti-aging within crystal balls. The encapsulation keeps them stable and highly active, thus significantly enhancing subsequent skincare results. Moreover, the unique appearance of the crystal balls also provides consumers with a new visual skincare experience. Let’s take a look at how major brands are creating these eye-catching crystal ball care products!

The first crystal ball essence on the market:

In 2015, Chanel launched the Camellia Hydrating Micro-Diffusion Essence, featuring visible transparent bubble crystal balls without an outer membrane, perfectly encapsulating the star ingredient camellia essence. Upon use, these crystal balls burst and blend with the essence, allowing for a refreshing aqueous sensation enriched with active components. This remarkable essence sparked widespread discussion in the industry as it was the first skincare product developed using innovative microfluidic technology.

Let’s look at the highly discussed crystal ball care products:

1. ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Rose Facial Oil 30ml
Utilizes supercritical fluid extraction technology to highly concentrate forked red algae into micro-conductive crystal balls, equivalent to triple the moisturizing power of hyaluronic acid, achieving 3 times moisture evolution and 72 hours of extended hydration. The innovative fluid dual-carrier technology perfectly encases over 20 types of top-tier rose essence within the crystal balls, each bottle containing over 7000 rose micro-conductive crystal balls. 88% aqueous essence components and 12% oily essence components are perfectly blended through microfluidic technology, providing dual nourishment penetration for the skin, ensuring hydrated, plump, and healthy radiance even in autumn and winter.

2. L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum, 50ml
Specifically designed to break through skincare plateaus, the Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum sells one bottle per minute globally, containing 5000 micro-crystal balls encapsulating the star ingredient immortelle essential oil, along with stabilizing arnica extract and the so-called plant-based Botox, helichrysum, claiming to revitalize stressed and tired skin for a radiant complexion. The serum still shows tiny yellow micro-droplet crystal balls upon dispensing, which burst upon touch, blending with the essence.

3. DARPHIN 8-Flower Nectar Oil Cream 30ml
Contains 95% natural ingredients, 3,700 gold balls seal instant revitalizing energy for the skin, strengthening and repairing from the skin barrier to deeper layers, offering a plump, golden radiance. The golden luster micro gold balls combine three types of premium floral essences: narcissus bulb extract delays aging, edelweiss extract enhances defense, and orris root extract for powerful antioxidation, merged with six types of plant oils including candela oil, creating inner radiance for captivating, plump elasticity.

4. Dior Prestige Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum 150ml
Combines hydrophilic rose minerals with rose moisturizing essence oil and rose active ferment extract, achieving a balance and purification without dryness, with a lightweight yet moisturizing and comfortable texture. Integrates the new core ingredient “Granville rose active ferment extract,” maintaining skin balance and stability. Adds mineral micronutrients like magnesium, zinc, and copper to help maintain skin’s oil-water balance and rose moisturizing essence oil to soothe dryness-induced sensitivity. Contains millions of micro-conductive essence capsules, with tiny particles that quickly penetrate the skin, achieving 48 hours of lasting hydration and a refreshing comfort feeling!

Having looked at the skincare issues and the highly discussed crystal ball care products on the market, we can see that for quick and effective care, reliance on innovative encapsulation technology and active ingredients is essential! Also, to align with the global trend of sustainable beauty care, Winona Biotech proactively implements strategies for industry innovation and production, actively practicing SDG9 and SDG12 sustainable development goals actions. In addition, it continuously advances OEM skincare technologies, developing innovative technology advantages such as exclusive encapsulation techniques to accelerate product innovation, using EGF conduction technology to maximize the efficacy of active ingredients, and leveraging sustainable materials.

Adhering to the spirit of professional and sustainable beauty practice, from ingredients and materials to production, selecting plant-based extracts as alternatives to animal-based ingredients, considering efficiency and low carbon emissions in the production process, and choosing eco-friendly packaging materials in long-term collaborations with manufacturers, thus aligning with the spirit of SDGs sustainability goals. Always ready to provide you with new product development concepts, Winona Biotech is eager to create the next big beauty sensation with you.