202203|UNICARE Report


Efficient maintenance you really need = High concentration + High penetration

As the pace of modern life is getting faster, efficient maintenance has become a new demand for the younger generation. The “high-concentration” products famous these years can no longer meet customers’ needs. Unicare Biotechnology, the leading cosmetics ODM, advocates “Combine high concentration and high penetration to achieve high effects,” which will be the new beauty trend in 2022. On March 25th, Unicare hosted the 2022 Beauty Tech Live Symposium successfully. The experts and scholars discuss the “efficient maintenance theme” from market trends, postoperative skincare tips, and innovative coating technology. Let’s review the highlights of the event together!

The event was live streamed by 4gTV, the platform belonged to Taiwan famous TV station Formosa TV

Efficient maintenance defined by the market: Clean and Sustainable

The Efficiency Maintenance Expert, Mr. Paul, explained the concept of clean beauty. He believes that “when the product ingredients become simpler, more powerful technical support is necessary for extracting and coating.” He also proposed the concept of ESG beauty, advocating for everyone “Make the world better while making ourselves more beautiful.” More>>

Efficient maintenance defined by Aesthetic Medicine: Simple and safe

Well-known Aesthetic Medicine Authority Dr. Wang provided the post-laser skincare tip. When selecting postoperative skincare products, ingredients should be simple, effective, and safe to take care of the skin efficiently and reduce the burden on our skin. More>>

Efficient maintenance defined by ingredient Innovation: High penetration

Japanese Nikkol Group Material Expert Dr. Misono Takeshi shared the innovative coating technology. He proved the high permeability of the technology through rich and rigorous experimental data, offering people a new solution for efficient maintenance. More>>


Unicare simulates the principle of the technology through a visualized crystal ball coating experiment. The diameter of the coated crystal ball in the investigation is about 0.4cm, while the coating technology created by Unicare and Nikkol is only it’s 1/31250 times (about 128nm). The experiment made the guests better understand the significance of the coating technology-active. Ingredients coated utterly are not easy to lose their activity.; nano-scale small particle coating technology makes the elements better absorbed.

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With summer approaching, sunscreen is a popular item for most beauty brands. How to choose the product that meets market demand quickly? With 20 years of research and development experience, UnicareBiotechnology has successfully explored several sunscreen products in excellent order, including physical, chemical, and hybrid sunscreens. We have selected the Best-Selling TOP9 to provide you with the best choice for quick production and selling!

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