Dr. Wang|Tips for post-laser skin care

Medical Laser is a popular solution to various skin problems. However, its effect is influenced by postoperative skincare deeply. How to choose a suitable treatment? What are the critical points of a postoperative skincare routine? How to choose the right products? The well-known aesthetic medicine doctor Dr. Wang will provide his tips for post-laser skincare in the “2022 Most IN Black Technology Live Forum”!

Speaker|The Aesthetic Medicine Doctor Dr. Wang

Dr. Wang, as the director of Mega Medical Aesthetic Clinic with rich experience in micro-plastic surgery, cosmetic medicine, and anti-aging medicine, is well-known locally in Taiwan. He is also the medical lecturer of the magazine “Business Today.” He is often invited to different TV channels such as FTV, UDN, EBC, and so on as a guest lecturer to share his insights about aesthetic medicine.

Post-laser skincare tips|Choose the right skincare products

In the speech, Dr. Wang will discuss the principle of medical lasers and recommend suitable laser treatment for diverse skin problems. Since the postoperative skin is more sensitive and unstable, improper skincare causes adverse effects quickly. Thus, Dr. Wang will also focus on the critical points of the postoperative skincare routine, especially the selection of products. If you want to know how to provide customers with excellent post-laser skincare solutions for better effect, remember to follow our life on March 25th!