2022 Beauty Tech Live Symposium

2022 Beauty Tech Live Symposium

As the Post Pandemic Era approaching, people’s lifestyle is changing sharply and daily skincare is no exception. Under the circumstances that the epidemic has become a part of our everyday life, How to handle changes in customer demand? What cosmetic technology breakthroughs are there? What opportunities can the brands seize?

On March 25th, 2022, Unicare Biotechnology Corp. and Formosa TV will hold a beauty event “2022 Beauty Tech Live Symposium“, inviting famous experts and scholars in the cosmetic industry to introduce the advanced innovative technology and sharing the latest skincare trends in 2022, so as to convey the most IN beauty information.

The most IN black technology is mainly concerned with the latest skincare trend in 2022. The Efficiency Maintenance Expert Mr. Paul with 20-years experience will analyze the four new trends about clean beauty, high efficiency, quick effect and full effect. The Aesthetic Medicine Authority Dr. Wang will provide tips for post-laser skin care and Japanese Nikkol Group Material Expert Dr. Misono Takeshi will share the innovative cladding technology in skincare industry. 

As the leading manufacturer of innovative in skincare industry, Unicare founded this event with the belief of providing safer and healthier cosmetic products, which is also a platform for industry partners to exchange information transparently. Taking advantage of intimate connection and interaction, customers can understand our diversified value of services further. 

Welcome to join us in the event online!

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