Mr. Paul|The latest skincare trends in 2022

Mr. Paul|The latest skincare trends in 2022

The cosmetic market is changing constantly. What changes have been taking place? How can brands seize new opportunities in the market? Follow “2022 Most IN Black Technology Live Forum” and the Efficiency Maintenance Expert Mr. Paul will share “The latest skincare trends in 2022” with you!

Speaker|Senior Efficiency Maintenance Expert Mr. Paul

Mr. Paul with 20 years of experience in anti-aging beauty industry is often interviewed by popular journals. He is also the promoter of many domestic brands, one of which called BELDORA created by him sells very well and become designated products for designers in the Paris Fashion Week. Obviously, he has certain influence on the industry.

The new trend|Clean beauty, high efficiency, quick effect, full effect

In the speech, Mr. Paul will analyze the new trend of cosmetic industry including four points of clean beauty, high efficiency, quick effect and full effect. In terms of the clean beauty trend, from its origin and core value to the product demands of consumers, all aspects will be introduced which can help you find the hidden market opportunities. Meanwhile, Mr. Paul will also tell you how the cosmetic consumption trend has shifted to three levels of “high efficiency”, “quick effect” and “full effect”and how the advanced formula technology can meet the needs of consumers by better efficacy experience. In addition, with the development of Sustainable Consumption, what product innovation can be carried out to bring consumers better maintenance experience with spiritual satisfaction? Follow our live on March 25th and get the answers!

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