2022 Beauty Tech Live Symposium was held successfully


On March 25th, 2022 Beauty Tech Live symposium held by Unicare Biotechnology Corp. and Formosa TV was successfully concluded. The Efficiency Maintenance Expert Mr. Paul, the Aesthetic Medicine Authority Dr. Wang, and other well-known experts and scholars showed up to share the latest beauty trends, leading technologies, and skincare tips to convey innovative scientific and sustainable ideas for maintenance to everyone.

On the topic of daily skincare routine in 2022, Mr. Paul shared the latest beauty trends from five aspects: Minimalist skincare, Precision skincare, Value beauty, Innovation technology, and Clean design. Mr. Paul proposed, “Make yourself and the world more beautiful.” It’s hoped that maintenance will not only make people beautiful but also make our environment better.

The second topic is skincare maintenance after medical art. Admittedly, the medical laser is becoming a popular maintenance style nowadays. Since the skin after surgery is sensitive and fragile, postoperative care is particularly essential. Aesthetic Medicine Dr. Wang suggested that we use products with relatively simple ingredients, removing unnecessary elements as much as possible to reduce the burden on our skin. Simple and efficient skincare routines are also the latest skincare trend.

At the same time, Unicare made a field network connection with Nikkol Group Material Expert Dr. Misono Takeshi from Japan to explain the leading innovative cladding technology. Dr. Misono Takeshi proved its high permeability through a series of experimental data showing a new proposal for efficient maintenance. The simulated coating experiment, which covered the active ingredients into crystal balls, was also a highlight of the event attracting much attention. The guests can DIY their crystal essence according to their preferences. The diameter of the experimental ball is about 0.4cm. However, the innovative cladding technology of Unicare and Nikkol is 1/31250 times smaller than it (about 128nm). It does quickly penetrate our skin efficiently.

Unicare aims to provide communication opportunities for representatives from various fields in the industry, during which people can get the latest trends, creative technologies, and scientific maintenance methods. As the leading manufacturer in the beauty industry, Unicare has always been at the forefront of industrial research and technological innovation. We hope to demonstrate our diversified service and value further through this event.