Dr. Misono Takeshi|Leading innovation technology in skincare industry

The effect of skin care products is closely related to the efficiency of the absorption of corresponding active ingredients. How to improve the penetration rate for better treatment? Japanese Nikkol Group Material Expert Dr. Misono Takeshi will show you the leading innovative cladding technology in the skincare industry!

Speaker|Japanese Nikkol Group Material Expert Dr. Misono Takeshi

Dr. Misono Takeshi, the researcher in the world-class material supplier Nikkol Group, has always kept pace with the most innovative technologies in the cosmetic industry. In 2017, he was awarded ” Best Poster” at the International Technology Exhibition IFSC for his outstanding achievements in cosmetic research work.

Innovative technology|Cladding technology of active ingredient “Niosome”

In the speech, Dr. Misono Takeshi will share the innovative liposome-like cladding technology NIKKOL Nikkosome® PV-PF–Niosome, which can make the active ingredients penetrate our skin and efficiently absorb entirely for a more significant effect. At that time, he will share the principles and characteristics of this technology and its application’s advantages to ignite your inspiration and quickly seize the opportunity in the efficacy product market. To know more about the advanced technology in the industry, follow the life on March 25th!