The new beauty trend in 2023 is healing and efficient crystal ball maintenance!

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To achieve the best skin care effect, effective and well-absorbed are two crucial elements. For this reason, leading brands have upgraded or launched new products based on this concept: “Crystal Ball Skin Care.” Crystal ball maintenance is to seal active ingredients, such as moisturizing, anti-aging, whitening, etc., into the crystal ball. To make it maintain stable and efficient activity through the crystal ball coating so that the follow-up maintenance will be more meaningful. The eye-catching appearance of the crystal ball also brings consumers new visual enjoyment. Let’s look at how leading brands create the explosive crystal ball product!

How does the trend of crystal ball maintenance start in skincare?

Making skincare efficient has always been the direction the brand is actively exploring. In 2015, Chanel launched the #Hydra Beauty Micro Serum for the first time. The star ingredient, camellia essence, was covered with transparent crystal balls visible to the naked eye. The refreshing touch and bright vision set off a wave of crystal ball maintenance in the beauty industry. Such as Dior #Prestige La Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum, GIORGIO ARMANI #Crema Nera Reviscentalis Meta Concentrate, L’Occitane #Reset Nuit Huile En Serum…etc. For this reason, crystal ball maintenance with excellent communication and vision is still one of the first choices for leading brands to launch. Let’s look at which brands launched related products in early 2023!

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Crystal ball maintenance is a big hit from counter brands in 2023.

Little Golden Ball|Perfect ratio of repair and revitalization

DARPHIN launches the new #Micro-Sérum Bi-Phase Jeunesse in January 2023. With the perfect ratio of the essence and essential oil, it condenses thousands of “golden diamond concentrated light spheres” regenerative molecules, full of powerful repairing and revitalizing energy. Let the anti-aging effects such as skin repair and revitalization more accurately and perfectly sublimate the top-level high-efficiency performance.

Champagne Bubble|Double Feast of Elasticity and Firmness

Guerlain will upgrade #Orchidee Imperiale The Micro-Lift Concentrate in January 2023. The new generation of champagne bubbles uses microfluidic technology to add two microspheres. “Orchid Oxygen-Plastic Microspheres” that help restore skin elasticity and the new “Superconducting Micro-peptide Microparticles” with firming power. The crystal ball energy is released instantly when applied, making the skin achieve the three youth indicators of revitalizing, firming, and strengthening the contour.

White Pearl|Whitening and repairing to create bright skin

French luxury skincare brand IOMA will launch a new product in 2023 #Illumine -Bright Pearl Essence. The crystal ball contains alpine edelweiss with powerful repairing energy, water-locking Pentavitin® to automatically adjust skin moisture, and vitamin C and vitamin B3 to upgrade the brightness. Instantly releases skin-beautifying energy, making the New Year usher in a translucent radiance.

In addition to bringing a sense of visual healing, crystal ball maintenance can create a new experience for the skin. Unicare exclusive Microcrystalline Technology can make anti-aging – 3D Revitalizing Crystal Ball, repair – Ultimate Soothing Crystal Balls, and brighten – ACE rejuvenating Crystal Ball; three types of microcrystal balls suitable for all skin types; welcome to contact us for more product details and create new business opportunities for the microcrystal balls!