Whitening is not just about fairness, it’s also about brightness and a healthy glow! Let’s look at some of the highly-discussed whitening skincare products on the market that help skin feel bright and diminish spots!


Are you troubled by melanin deposition, dullness, and other facial issues? Nowadays, skincare whitening has become one of the focuses for many people. With advancements in technology and deeper research, the demand for whitening skincare is increasing. Consumers now not only focus on lightening spots and evening out skin tone but also on enhancing overall skin radiance and health. How can we develop whitening products that meet the demands of today’s consumers? If you are planning whitening products if your brand aligns with the spirit of sustainable beauty, and you want to create the next breakthrough in whitening skincare, let’s explore together!

Why Does Skin Darken?

When the skin is exposed to external stimuli, tyrosinase releases melanin, causing the skin to darken. The number of melanin and skin quality varies from person to person. The reasons for skin darkening include the following four possibilities:

1. Dehydration:
Inadequate daily water intake or prolonged stays in air-conditioned rooms can lead to skin dryness, poor skin metabolism, and reduced skin repair function, resulting in dullness and melanin deposition.

2. Unhealthy Eating Habits:
Fried foods, which people find irresistible, can increase acidity in the body, leading to an increase in melanin and becoming one of the culprits of skin aging and pigmentation.

3. Irregular Sleep Patterns:
Staying up late, lack of sleep, and other lifestyle factors not only affect physical health but also slow down blood flow to the skin, causing blood vessel constriction and skin dullness.

4. Aging of the Skin’s Stratum Corneum:
When the skin is exposed to external environmental stimuli, the stratum corneum acts as the skin’s first line of defense. If the stratum corneum ages, it can cause skin dullness and roughness.

Recommended Whitening Skincare Products on the Market:

1. Shiseido HAKU Whitening Essence
Breaking the restrictions of medical beauty, the HAKU Whitening Team found that the formation of spots is closely related to the healthy balance of the skin. Therefore, it effectively regulates the environment of melanin production in the skin. It introduces the essence of rose fruit extract, which quickly improves the melanin environment in the skin, restoring the healthy balance of the skin. Combining Shiseido’s patented star whitening ingredient 4MSK, tranexamic acid, and the exclusive Z Cut anti-melanin complex of the HAKU Whitening Essence, it is equipped with a moist texture that can cover spots with just one touch. Not only does it provide rapid and long-lasting moisturization and penetrate quickly into the skin, but it also deeply conditions the skin, creating an extremely even and radiant complexion.

2. Paula’s Choice C25 Super Booster
The American skincare brand Paula’s Choice launched a new brightening product this year, featuring a high concentration of 25% vitamin C. It utilizes the unique GAP technology to improve uneven skin tone and brighten dull skin with vitamin C and another whitening ingredient, glutathione. Additionally, it includes the superfood mushroom-derived amino acid, kojic acid, to strengthen the skin and enhance firmness.

3. Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate
The ingredients include 10% second-generation fruit acid PHA and 5% niacinamide, which can help the skin surface quickly polish, effectively brighten, and solve concerns such as dullness, lack of radiance, and pigmentation. It is gentle and non-irritating, eliminating the need to worry about recovery periods.

4. Kiehl’s Corrective Dark Spot Solution
Containing laser-active vitamin C, prase chain, and mild salicylic acid, the gentle ingredients can be used daily. While providing whitening effects, it makes the skin appear more elastic and supple. Alcohol-free and fragrance-free, clinically proven to be gentle and non-irritating, suitable even for sensitive skin.

By combining the summarized whitening skincare and the widely discussed whitening skincare products on the market, we can understand that modern people not only pursue skin whitening but also overall brightness and a healthy glow! Unicare skincare OEM upholds the spirit of sustainable beauty from ingredients, and raw materials to production, using plant-derived extracts instead of animal-derived ingredients, considering efficiency and low carbon emissions in the production process, providing you with a new concept of product development. Let Unicare help you create the next breakthrough in beauty products. Contact us to explore new opportunities in skincare and beauty!