The new possibilities of whitening products! Unicare’s latest exclusive technology makes whitening products more stable and effective! 


Most consumers prefer bright and fair skin. However, there are still differences among various whitening products. As key players in product development, how can we provide consumers with effective, safe whitening solutions that instill trust in our brand? How can we address different melanin issues? What kind of whitening products can meet consumers’ expectations? This article will guide you through common whitening ingredients on the market and UniCare’s exclusive patented technologies, providing inspiration for your brand’s whitening products and creating exclusive whitening hits. Let’s dive into the article!

The 3 Common Whitening Ingredients on the Market:

1. Tranexamic Acid: Blocks the formation pathway of melanin, effectively halting the process of melanin formation.

2. Arbutin: Inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme that accelerates melanin production during the formation process, reducing the likelihood of melanin transfer to the skin’s surface.

3. Vitamin C Derivatives: Break down melanin through oxidation-reduction reactions, restoring the skin’s original color. However, stability may be affected due to variations in chemical reactions.

UniCare’s Exclusive Patented Innovative Technology, Unlocking New Possibilities for Skin Whitening:

1/Dual Elasticity Coating of Whitening Power, Unlocking the Miracle of Skin Whitening:

UniCare’s exclusive liposome double-layer elastic whitening technology uses nano-coated particles with a diameter of 128nm to penetrate the stratum corneum completely. This allows the flexible elastic capsules to quickly reach the skin’s surface, delivering whitening essence to the skin’s depths. This technology has been proven to increase transdermal penetration by up to 420%, combining small molecules, excellent elasticity, and stability to soften the skin’s barrier and enhance essence absorption. With its high efficiency, skin-friendly, and stable whitening properties, combined with targeted whitening technology, it effectively assists in inhibiting tyrosinase formation, delivering active stability through double-layer microcapsule technology, precisely reaching the skin while blocking melanin in the skin.

2/UniCare’s Exclusive 5Pro Whitening Technology! Block, Stop, Intercept, Break, Clear, Five Stages to Create a Miracle of Skin Radiance!

UniCare has developed the exclusive 5Pro skin whitening technology over time, featuring five stages of black skin technology:
a. Block: Strengthen skin defense with Cornus officinalis and herbal fermentation.

b. Stop: Inhibit tyrosinase formation with licorice root and Angelica sinensis double blockage.

c. Intercept: Reduce formed melanin with aloe and wolfberry root, restraining melanin from spreading.

d. Break: Use sufficient vitamin B3 to inhibit melanin transfer pathways.

e. Clear: Specially add ginseng root to help metabolize pigment deposits, leaving no place for skin pigmentation to hide.

UniCare’s 3 Recommended Whitening Formulas, Providing Inspiration for New Product Development, Creating Exclusive Brand New Hits for Bright Achievements!

► UniCare’s innovative dual-coated Vitamin B3+C (NeoTec-B3C) whitening technology uses exclusive raw material essence formula technology, combining 3 major advantages: non-yellowing, non-activity loss, non-greasy and easy absorption, creating stable whitening care! With extracts of Scutellaria baicalensis, caffeine, and vitamin B8, it helps delay skin aging and prevent pigment deposition, strengthening skin repair and moisture retention. It’s a breakthrough choice for whitening enthusiasts.

► UniCare’s exclusive 5Pro Black Odd Skin Technology, developed over time based on skin characteristics, features a comprehensive five-stage skin brightening technology, creating daily water care, exclusive 90% high activity, leading the market in new high-concentration brightening power. With numerous whitening skin ingredients: purple jasmine with ultra-micro hyaluronic acid, new type of micro acid PHA, gentle and smooth skin, glowing with long-lasting glossy brightness, 6X Han Cui Zhen Bai, B3 comprehensive softening and soothing, balancing health, white and translucent, ending the gray and dull skin color.

► UniCare’s exclusive herbal skincare formula, comparable to the characteristics of big brand palace secret skincare, selects effective whitening ingredients such as tranexamic acid, which is recognized by modern Western nutrition science for its dual whitening and spot-fading effects. Combined with 7 major herbal repair plant extracts, with deep moisturization from snow ash fruit and vitamin E to delay aging, the effective ingredient effect is even more multiplied!

With over 20 years of product development experience, UniCare continues to develop innovative technologies, leading market demand. Whitening products are not just about making the skin fairer; they also need to be stable, safe, and effective. Want to learn more about exclusive whitening product development technologies and formulas? Please fill out the form below or contact us, and we will quickly arrange free consultation services for you.

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