2023 Beauty Trend|ESG Beauty boost the brainstorming of sustainable skincare products

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In 2023, in the face of ever-changing epidemics, deteriorating global warming, and frequent extreme climates, there will be significant threats and challenges to human survival. With the increasing attention to sustainable issues, we have found that beauty consumers’ consumption intentions and purchase behavior are changing gradually. According to CMRI’s “2022 Beauty Sustainability Awareness and Purchase Intention Survey Report”, more than 90% of consumers said that they are paying more and more attention to the sustainable development of skincare products.

Both local niche and top international brands have committed to developing sustainable beauty. CHANEL advocated reducing the use of glass bottles to reduce carbon emissions in the supply chain; Dior promoted regenerative agricultural methods of materials to protect the richness of biodiversity; LA MER established the Blue Heart Oceans Fund to protect the marine ecology environment. In such a social environment, the 2023 beauty trend – ESG Beauty, came into being!

2023 Beauty Trend:ESG Beauty

EfficientPrecise and High-Tech Skincare

“Efficient” advocates help consumers find the key to beauty through upgrading materials and technology innovation. Consumers are more inclined to rational consumption as the market education for efficacy skincare has steadily matured. They have a deeper understanding of product efficacy and functional ingredients and are more willing to choose products with public ingredients and apparent efficacy. Therefore, their purchase behavior is more purposeful. They want to pursue a more direct and practical skincare experience.

Nowadays, the innovation of advanced biotechnology and the improvement of classic ingredients provide them with efficient and sustainable solutions. What are the high-efficiency ingredients worthy of attention in 2023? How are they different from previous high-concentrated ones? How does innovative transmission technology improve efficiency? How to create a non-invasive at-home skincare experience for consumers?

Self-carePersonality and Transparent Skincare

“Self-care” advocates personalized product creativity and transparent formula design to provide consumers with a more valuable skincare experience. With the arouse of consumers’ self-awareness, they seek more customized skincare solutions. The rise of AI artificial intelligence technology and AR virtual reality technology makes it possible to find suitable products at home quickly.

At the same time, the ingredient transparency action led by beauty giants is gradually implemented. Consumers can know whether the product is sustainable through the formula or confirm whether the product is safe enough by EWG green label to quickly choose the products that conform to everyone’s own value identity. How to design personalized topical products through the innovation of ingredients, dosage forms, and packaging materials? Which products with the organic green label support prompt production?

GreenSustainable and Clean Skincare

Green is the core of ESG Beauty, advocating the use of clean design to achieve consumers’ sustainable life philosophy. The production of products, from internal formula design to outer packaging design, from source production to terminal sales, shows the ecological value of sustainability everywhere. In terms of packaging design, by providing supplementary product packaging, reducing non-renewable plastics, increasing recyclable materials, etc., we create sustainable green packaging and reduce unnecessary waste of resources.

In terms of formula design, use innovative methods such as water-free formula design, micro-ecological skincare concept, and sustainable fermentation technology to control the carbon and water footprint of product production strictly. So, what recyclable creative packaging are there on the market? How to reduce the cost of clean beauty product design? What are the potential local materials that have been overlooked?

Unicare 2023 beauty trend report provides you with the latest product innovations by sorting out the hot-selling items of top brands such as CHANEL and Dior, integrating the trend reports of international materials manufacturers such as BASF and DSM, and referring our research and development creative system and user feedback data. We hope the insights can ignite your inspiration about the brand’s following explosive product. Welcome to fill out the form to read the full report.

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