Protecting your hair starts with scalp microbiota care, combining sustainable hair products with the new trend of hair health maintenance!

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As consumer awareness of scalp care increases, so does the demand for hair-related products. Looking at the market, hair products can mainly be divided into two categories: strengthening hair roots and controlling oil and dandruff. Consumers are interested in products that strengthen and fortify hair primarily because of the troubles of weak hair roots! However, this is not due to a single cause. There could be various factors behind it, different from scalp dandruff issues. Switching hair products might not immediately show results; it’s recommended to start with fundamental conditioning and care to achieve a scalp microecology balance!

Hair Growth Cycle:

Before understanding the reasons for hair loss, let’s first learn about the hair growth cycle. Generally, the hair growth cycle can be divided into three stages: the first is the “growth phase,” where 85% to 90% of hair is in this stage; in the second stage, about 1% of hair follicles begin to shrink, entering the “regression phase,” which lasts about 3-6 weeks; finally, the “resting phase,” where the hair roots are covered by a white keratin layer, and hair stops growing and becomes more likely to fall out over a period of about 3-4 months.

Five major causes of fragile and breakable hair strands:

1. Genetic Hair Type:

Inherently fragile hair, genetic hair strand breakage and fragility are among the most common reasons, where internal androgens (such as testosterone) stimulate the growth phase of the hair follicles, altering the scalp’s health and hair quality.

2. Hormonal Changes:

Stress, pregnancy, thyroid issues, etc., can affect the hair growth cycle.

3. Health and Medical Treatment:

Autoimmune diseases or existing scalp/skin diseases, as well as undergoing chemotherapy or medication for conditions like high blood pressure, could be affected by medication side effects.

4. Lifestyle and Environmental Factors:

Nutritional imbalances, such as a lack of essential nutrients like protein, iron, Vitamin D, and B vitamins, and environmental pollution, including air and water quality, can have an impact.

5. Scalp Aging:

As age increases and lifestyle habits vary, this can also affect the scalp to some extent, such as reduced hair volume and increased scalp oiliness.

Hair nourishing shampoos can also create a healthy scalp microecology. Elegance uniquely offers perfect hair care

► Product Formula:
Uniquely uses plant fermentation to balance the scalp’s microecology, with a 45% golden ratio of Scutellaria baicalensis fermentation essence, combined with essential vitamins for hair follicles, normalizes scalp keratinization, provides nourishing ingredients for the scalp, effectively balancing the scalp microecology, creating a healthy hair and scalp environment, for fuller, stronger hair.

► Selected Ingredients:
Includes patented Safflower Oligopeptides in several countries, enriched with curcumin to effectively regulate scalp oil and strengthen hair, while soothing scalp discomfort; chooses Alpine Edelweiss extract and organic Ligustrum lucidum leaf essence, for effective repair and balancing oil secretion, conditioning scalp health.

► Safe Additive-Free:
The product complies with safety assurances, with a 36% gentle cleansing formula, free from unnecessary questionable ingredients, no added SLS/SLES, alkali, mineral oil, Parabens preservatives, or colorants, making scalp washing and care reassuringly clean.

With over 20 years of experience in beauty and hair care product ODM, Elegance actively practices sustainability in industry innovation and production, aiming for SDGs 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and SDGs 5 (Gender Equality), using legally extracted plant-based ingredients, while considering the differences in male and female hair and skin, making care not just a privilege for women. Elegance leads the market with counter-quality product formulations and bottle designs. We’ve designed a plant fermentation hair care set, including shampoo, conditioner, and hair nourishment products for special scalp care. Contact us to learn more about our products!

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