The Must-Know Anti-Aging Method – EGF Hyaluronic Acid Microneedle Patch

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Micro-needling is widely used in aesthetic medicine. It uses tiny needles to make micro-wounds on the skin surface to stimulate the regeneration of collagen, which can improve skin problems, such as black spots, large pores, fine lines, and so on. However, its high irritation and long repair process discourage many beauties. Do you want to quickly enjoy skin rejuvenation brought by micro-needling technology at home, free of enduring pain and long-term repair? Unicare gives you a new choice for at-home skincare -a microneedle patch. What are its advantages over the traditional one? How can it take effect in efficacy maintenance? Read and find the answers!

Microneedle patches: open tunnels for nourishment

A microneedle patch is a gel patch covered with many micro-needles. When the patch is attached to the skin, the micro-needles can quickly penetrate the epidermis and transmit the nourishment deep into the skin to achieve a better maintenance effect.

Unlike traditional roller micro-needling, the tiny micro-needles on the patch are less irritating to the skin. We can use it easily at home without the assistance of a professional physician. And the disposable packaging is cleaner and safer. There is no need to worry about cross-infection.

Unicare EGF HA Micro Needle Patch: good penetration, quick revitalizing, no residue

Unicare EGF HA Micro Needle Patch has an ergonomic meniscus design. We can paste it on specific areas, such as crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, frown lines, etc. It can strengthen the effect of minimizing fine lines and keep the skin elastic and supple.

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01 Good Penetration

Unicare EGF HA Micro Needle Patch has new pyramid-shaped micro-needles. When we press the patch, the needles can quickly penetrate the epidermis and reduce skin discomfort. Meanwhile, the stable needle seat makes the needle body more stable and has less risk of breaking down.

02 Quick Revitalizing

The plump needle body carries plenty of active ingredients – Unicare new generation of EGF revitalizing factors. It is of high efficiency and safety. With the dissolution of the micro-needle tips, EGF’s powerful repairing energy releases ideally, rejuvenating the skin efficiently.

03 No Residue

The unique 3D hyaluronic acid needle body can be absorbed entirely after entering the skin, so there is no risk of needle body residue. Hyaluronic acid with water-retaining properties can keep the skin epidermis moist during absorption.

Micro-needle patches offer a new option for targeted skincare. The at-home black technology is easy to operate and of high efficacy and safety. We believe it will become the following hot-selling anti-aging method. Welcome to contact us for more product details.

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