Let the skin breathe free, how to design face & body exfoliating products?

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Exfoliation is popular among people these years as it can make our skin look healthy and radiant. How do you design a hot seller with the growing demand for exfoliating products in the market? What’s the difference between body exfoliants and facial exfoliants? Read the following passage and get the answers!

Design of exfoliating product

The exfoliants are mainly divided into two types: physical exfoliants and chemical exfoliants. They have their advantages and disadvantages. More and more products on the market combine their characteristics, which are gentler and have better cleansing effects.

Physical exfoliantsChemical exfoliants
PrincipleRemove dead skin cells by particlesSoften keratin and promote its metabolism by acids or enzymes
ingredientSugar, salts, fruit husks and kernels, plant seeds, rice bran and various ground particlesFruit acids (glycolic and lactate), salicylic acid, mandelic acid, fruit enzymes
Effect is so obvious that get smoother skin very soonGo deep into the pores and cleanse more thoroughly
DisadvantageSkin friction will cause injury easily in case of improper operationUnsuitable pH value of the product will cause irritation easily and unsatisfactory effects


Remarkably, keratin contains natural moisturizing factors. Exfoliation will weaken the skin’s capacity to maintain moist. Therefore, applying some plant oil such as glycerin, shea butter, and jojoba oil in the formula is recommended to moisturize and repair the skin simultaneously. In addition, adding some spices can make the skin smell good after exfoliation, which can be one of the product’s highlights.

Facial exfoliants vs. body exfoliants

Compared with body skin, facial skin is more tender and complex, so their designs of formula and texture vary from each other. Regarding facial exfoliating products, we generally choose light particles and ingredients that gently soften the keratin. And Enzyme is better for sensitive skin especially. The product’s texture is designed according to the skin type: refreshing gel for oily skin; moisturizing oil for dry skin; soft cream and mud for sensitive skin. The powder is an innovative texture suitable for all skin types.

Facial exfoliating productsBody exfoliating products
FormulaParticles with strong friction and acids or enzymes which can soften the keratinDelicate particles and gentle exfoliating ingredients, of which enzymes is better for sensitive skin
TextureCream/gelChoose according to the skin type
Gel – Oily skin
Oil – Dry skin
Cream/mud – Sensitive skin
Powder – all skin types


Unicare has developed various hot-selling exfoliating products with multiple particles and textures. We apply chemical exfoliants such as acids and enzymes and soothing and moisturizing ingredients such as trehalose and skullcap. For more creative textures and formulas, contact us for more details!