The higher the concentration of the essence, the better the effect?


High-concentration essences are popular with consumers for their precise formula and evident effects. Meanwhile, more and more products on the market are advertised as “high concentration” to attract attention, but whether the higher concentration ones have a better effect is doubtful.

The efficiency is strongly linked to the concentration of efficient ingredients

Functional ingredients are fundamental for skincare products with various effects, such as Hyaluronic acid for moisture, Vitamin C for whitening, Retinol for anti-aging, and so on. Within a specific range, the higher the concentration of these active ingredients, the better their effect is.

There will be opposite effects if the concentration is too high

Strictly, each ingredient has its suitable concentration, and a certain amount could have a significant effect. However, overuse will cause a worse user experience instead of a better outcome. For example, a product with excessive addition of Alpha hydroxy acids needs more alkaline agents to balance its pH. As a result, more complex ingredients will increase the burden on our skin.

Recommended concentration for different efficacy ingredients

EfficacyIngredientRecommended Addition
Anti-acneSalicylic Acid0.2%-2%

Source: Ingredient supplier Information/Taiwan FDA Regulation

In addition, it is likely easy to cause harm and irritation to our skin in the pursuit of high concentrations of ingredients. Since each person’s skin tolerance is different: with weaker patience or more robust tolerance, it is necessary to choose products suitable for our skin condition based on the skin tolerance to make the maintenance ingredients exert their effectiveness sufficiently. Therefore, when designing high-concentration products, we should not focus on the concentration alone but also consider other factors, such as the ingredients, the overall formula, our skin condition, and so on. Unicare provides a series of high-concentration essence products for specific skin problems, strictly controlling the concentration ratio of ingredients to provide customers with safe and effective maintenance options. Welcome to contact us for more product details.