All about essence: types & efficacy & how to use!


Essence is rich in nutrients, can target to improve problem skin conditions, and more points for daily maintenance! Do you know about the types and effects of the essence? How to choose a suitable product? This article will take you to explore the answers!

Different kinds of essence and suitable skin type

There are many kinds of essences on the market, which can be divided into three types according to texture: water essence, oil essence, and water-oil essence. Different textures suit different skin types.

CategoryTextureSuitable skin type
Water essenceLightAll skin types, especially oil skin
Oil essenceMoisturizingAll skin types, especially dry skin and aging skin
Water-oil essenceCombine the two aboveAll skin types

Choose the right product according to your skin condition

According to functions, the essence can also be divided into five categories: moisture essence, whitening essence, repairing essence, anti-aging essence, and oil control essence. We can choose the proper ones according to skin conditions to improve our skin effectively.

Efficacy productCommonly-used ingredientsSuitable skin condition
Moisture EssenceHyaluronic acid, SqualaneDryness, Dullness, Dry lines
Whitening EssenceArbutin, Tranexamic acid, Vitamin CSpots, Dullness, Uneven skin tone
Repairing EssenceScutellaria baicalensis, Centella extractAllergy, Redness, Peeling, Itch
Anti-aging EssenceVitamin A, Vitamin E, PolypeptideAging, Dryness, Dullness, Wrinkles
Oil control EssenceSalicylic acid, Glycolic acidGrease, Enlarged Pores, Acne, Pimple

Correct steps/recommended using time

Besides choosing the right essence, properly using it is also essential and directly related to nutrient absorption. Generally, essence should be after using a cleanser and toner so that fully-softened skin stratum corneum can absorb nutrients fully. Then a lotion or cream should be applied immediately to form a protective film on the skin surface, locking the nutrients further. What’s more, using time of the essence is also essential. There should be an emphasis on daytime and nighttime, respectively, to achieve a comprehensive maintenance effect.

Recommended using timeCategory of product
  1. Moisture Essence: Used before makeup, not creasing
  2. Oil control Essence: Much oil secretion in the day

(Use in the morning, be aware that the active ingredient may not be effective due to light exposure)

  1. Whitening Essence: Some ingredients of light sensitivity need to be used in the night
  2. Anti-aging Essence: More active metabolism of cells improve absorption in the night
  3. Repairing Essence: More Melatonin produced in the night make better skincare effects

Unicare can design essence products of different textures and functions according to customer needs to meet customer maintenance needs with satisfactory effects. Welcome to consult us for more product details.