Why high-concentration essence so popular?


People know Essence as the skincare step between toner and lotion/cream, which can nourish our skin intensively and apply a better maintenance effect. In recent years, essence in high concentrations has been popular with consumers. What is its difference from ordinary essences? What are the benefits for our skin?

Highly concentrated levels of active ingredients

High-concentration essence is distinct from the ordinary one with multiple ingredients, as it only contains one or two high-concentration active ingredients, “ingredients + concentration.” Owing to its purely high concentration of ingredients, it can improve our skin condition validly.

Provide more precise and effective maintenance

Due to precisely simple ingredients and formula, high-concentration essence is better than the ordinary one in terms of efficacy and absorption.

The distinctions between high-concentration essence and the ordinary essence

Ordinary EssenceHigh-concentration Essence
IngredientSeveral ingredients1-2 high-efficacy ingredients
ConcentrationNot offer generallyOffer effective concentration in limitation
FunctionMore focus on specific efficacy More against on specific skin problem