202204|UNICARE Report

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Skin microbiome maintenance on the market

As “skin microbiome” came into people’s consciousness, “maintaining the skin’s microflora” has become one of the hot topics in the beauty industry. How to balance the micro-ecosystem of the skin to keep skin healthy has received increasing attention. Unicare sorted out the main ingredients of the probiotic skincare products of leading brands such as Estee Lauder, Lancome, and Helena Rubinstein to ignite the brand’s inspiration for product designing. More>>

Skin microbiome maintenance found in research

Most of the probiotic skincare products on the market are mainly focused on repairing nowadays. We looked through 24 articles to finger out various probiotic skincare solutions for the four common skin problem-sensitive skin, wrinkled skin, dull skin, and oily skin. They show possibilities for designing more multifunctional probiotic products! More>>

Skin microbiome maintenance launched by Unicare

Unicare launched the Extreme Leaven 5G Series, which can help brands to create a complete set of probiotic skincare products quickly. Unicare exclusive probiotic extract UNICARE109 is added to it for whitening and anti-aging. It also applies the exclusive technology NEOTECEGF cooperated with the Taiwan Agricultural Technology Research Institute, which can solve the brand’s multiple maintenance demands with powerful repairing energy at once! More>>

The leading brand’s trend – “Soothing and Repairing”, products upgraded from ingredients, textures and fragrances

After knowing about the new arrivals of the leading brands these days, Unicare found that, affected by the global epidemic, “soothing and repairing” is still one of the main product appeals of most brands. They upgrade their products through three aspects: natural herbal essence addiction, light texture, and relaxing fragrance to meet the needs of modern people for soothing skin and a healing spirit. More>>

Manager Dr. Lin was invited to the Formosa TV programme Thumbs Up to share the latest probiotic skincare products

Unicare Research & Development Department Manager Dr. Lin was invited to the Formosa TV program Thumbs up to share the latest probiotic skincare products. Previously, Unicare got probiotic fermentation product BCN101 from the local probiotic strain NTU101 by the exclusive fermentation technology and effectively applied it in the skincare products against dullness and aging problems. More>>