Follow simple 3-Step to design an exclusive probiotic skincare

Still worrying about how to design a set of probiotic skincare? Unicare provides you 5 options to help your brand quickly create exclusive products!

Most of counter brand and open-shelf cosmetics probiotic skincare is based on the repair. How to create probiotic products that can have repaired, brightened and anti-aging effects at one time? In sole technical collaboration with PITDC (Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center), Unicare developed the latest exclusive probiotic extractUNICARE109. The efficacy of ingredients has been upgraded from basic moisturizing and repairing whitening and anti-aging. Then in sole technical collaboration with ATRI (Taiwan Agricultural Technology Research Institute), NEOTECEGF, which is contains repairing energy. That’s the reason why unicare probiotic skincare has multiple effects.

5G Extreme leaven• Create a beauty ecosystem

Exclusive extreme leaven skin care

Exclusive Probiotic Extract + Prebiotics, 1+1>2, Create a skin microbiome expert

Exclusive pure high concentration 

Exclusive probiotic extract to replace water, with Prebiotics + Exclusive EGF, Up to 95.5% concentration

 5G extreme leaven upgrade skin condition

Solve 5 major skin problems

  Point 1  

Exclusive Probiotic ExtractCreate a skin microbiome expert

From repair to balance of skin flora



the metabolites of probiotics



Food for Probiotics

  Point 2  

95.5% high concentration

replace water with effective activity

2 exclusive ingredients create new high concentration series


Probiotic extract 

replace water


Selected prebiotics 

provide beneficial nutrients


Exclusive EGF 

repair damaged skin

  Point 3  

5G extreme leaven improves skin condition

Extreme Leaven 5G Series B

⎯  5G ultra-repair micro-ecological  ⎯

Extreme Leaven G1 Lotion-radiance for greater vitality

Extreme Leaven G2 Essence-efficient maintenance for translucent-looking skin

Extreme Leaven G3 Mask-hydrated and full of energy

Extreme Leaven G4 Essence Cream-keeping your skin looking healthy

Extreme Leaven G5 Sunscreen-protection of skin from UV radiation


Extreme Leaven G1 Lotion

balance micro-ecosystem of the skin


Extreme Leaven G2 Essence

revitalize the ecological power of skin


Extreme Leaven G3 Mask

improve skin health


Extreme Leaven G4 Essence Cream

ecological circulation of beautiful skin


Extreme Leaven G5 Sunscreen

external defense

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《Extreme leaven 5G series》

Quality Product

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