Research & Development Department Manager Dr. Lin was invited to the Formosa TV programme and shared probiotic maintenance technology

As one of the latest beauty trends, maintaining the skin microflora has been widely concerned these days. Unicare Research & Development Department Manager Dr. Lin, Beauty Expert Mr. Paul and Director of Animal Technology Research Center in Taiwan Agricultural Technology Research Institute Dr Chen, were invited to the Formosa TV program Thumbs Up for shared the latest probiotic maintenance.

Probiotic maintenance is mainly used for stomach health

Leo Lin Ph.D shared that the human intestine is colonized by a large number of microorganisms which are closely related to our health. “Good bacteria” that produces products of metabolism beneficial to our body is called probiotics. We make our stomach healthier by supplementing with them.

Probiotic fermentation is applied in most of skin maintenance

There are many microorganisms on the surface of our skin. Only if the good and bad bacteria are in balance, will the skin keep healthy. The application of probiotics is conducive to the skin microbiome balance and helps people to develop healthy and shining skin. In order to apply probiotics in daily maintenance, Unicare ferment the local probiotic NTU101 to obtain probiotic fermentation product BCN101 by exclusive fermentation technology. It has been confirmed that it can effectively improve skin darkness and skin aging when applied in skincare products. 

In recent years, with the support of the government, the cooperation between research and production has become closer, which has further accelerated the application of innovative technologies on the market. Unicare and Taiwan Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI) have developed various leading technologies and ingredients. In addition to probiotic fermentation products, EGF extracted by Bacillus subtilis also deserves our attention. Different from the previous one extracted by Escherichia coli, it’s more effective and safer. As the leading ODM manufacturer with continuous innovation, Unicare will always persist in providing you with diverse service value.

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