The Double 11 Moisturizing Toner Ranking is revealed! Understand the popular 80/20 wet application method, and let your skin regain moisture, tenderness, and radiance!


In the rules of beauty and skincare, moisturizing is the most fundamental and indispensable aspect! Want to know which moisturizing toners are the hottest sellers? Unicare has compiled the 2023 Double 11 Moisturizing Toner Sales Ranking, along with tips on the recent popular ’80/20 Wet Application Method’ on Xiaohongshu! Unicare, with its cutting-edge technology, provides top-notch product development services. Feel free to request samples of toner-related products.

80/20 Wet Application Method:

Using wet application for moisturizing is a well-known skincare method! The recent popular wet application method on Xiaohongshu suggests wetting once every two days, with each wet application lasting no more than 8 minutes, to keep the skin hydrated.

The wet application is simple—just pour toner onto a cotton pad and apply it to the face. This skincare routine, which can be easily done at home, requires attention to avoid some pitfalls!

Avoid these pitfalls to have effortlessly supple skin:

1. Insufficient toner
If the amount of toner used during wet application is inadequate, the cotton pad may become excessively dry, leading to the loss of the skin’s original moisture.

2. Excessive wet application time
The ideal wet application time is 6-10 minutes. Prolonged application can cause the skin’s moisture to evaporate, especially for those with sensitive skin, it’s not advisable to apply for too long.

3. Thick or rough cotton pads
Xiaohongshu suggests choosing multi-layered and tearable cotton pads, not too thick, to avoid making the skin feel stuffy and non-breathable, leading to allergic reactions.

4. Toner with irritating ingredients
For wet application, it’s recommended to choose toners without added alcohol, fragrance, and preservatives to achieve moisturized and hydrated skin.

5. Wet application as the final skincare step
After replenishing moisture through wet application, remember to follow up with the subsequent skincare routine to lock in moisture and achieve true moisturization.

Top-selling Moisturizing toners on Double 11:

1. Evian Natural Mineral Skin Care Mist
Evian’s natural mineral water mist creates an ultra-fine mist, bringing hydration and vitality to the skin. It provides an instant refreshing experience, restoring moisture balance to combat dry air, air conditioning, or dehydration caused by pollution. It effectively increases skin moisture by 16% and is favored for its professional setting spray effect.

2. Clarins Brightening Firming Essence Water (Spring Water)
This new formula contains organic ginseng, red algae, and hyaluronic acid of different chain lengths. It enhances vitality, promotes metabolism and exfoliation, and, most importantly, locks in moisture for all ages. It also adds anti-aging plant extracts based on different age needs. This seemingly simple bottle of water is not only a prelude essence but also an anti-aging essence. Unlike toners that clean, balance skin pH, and provide basic functions, age-specific essence water achieves wateriness and youthful radiance in one step.

3. Cerave Hydrating Micellar Water
The highly efficient triple ceramide penetrates deep into the skin, repairing dryness and providing intensive hydration. The first layer, EOP, repairs the epidermal layer for healthier skin. The second layer, NP, repairs dryness for more moisturized and radiant skin. The third layer, AP, helps with keratin metabolism, promoting smooth and tender skin. High-repair niacinamide soothes sensitivity and discomfort, improves dullness and flaws, suitable for sensitive, itchy, combination, and oily skin. It repairs the skin barrier, effectively moisturizes, soothes itching and redness, evens skin tone, and improves dullness and flaws.

4. La Roche-Posay Hydrating Fresh Makeup Water
Enriched with La Roche-Posay thermal spring water and glycerin, gentle and effective moisturizing ingredients, it immediately moisturizes the skin. The ultra-refreshing watery texture is non-sticky and easily absorbed, effectively conditioning the skin to make it soft and assisting in the absorption of subsequent skincare products. The simplified formula is alcohol-free and free of PARABEN preservatives, reducing irritation to the skin. Suitable for dry skin, mildly sensitive skin, non-greasy, easily absorbed, and effectively conditions the skin for the absorption of subsequent skincare products.

5. Avene Soothing Thermal Spring Water
It can immediately relieve sensitive, easily irritated, or prone-to-allergy skin. Avene Soothing Thermal Spring Water condenses more than half a century of experience, containing abundant low-mineral and trace elements to maintain the optimal mineral balance and specific microbial groups. It has unique and remarkably effective qualities to soothe discomfort, reduce skin sensitivity by 64%, strengthen the skin barrier, maintain a perfect calcium/magnesium balance to form a protective barrier for sensitive skin, balance skincare, soothe skin discomfort, and maintain healthy and comfortable skin. An indispensable step in daily beauty and skincare routines.

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