VA product designing guide, different formulas have different bonus effects!

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Keeping the skin radiant and elastic is the final goal of many beauties. Vitamin A is a well-known anti-aging ingredient. We can get an expected skincare effect when combining it with other functional elements. Unicare has designed two sets of vitamin A formulas for tolerant and sensitive skin to meet the dual needs of quick-acting skin rejuvenation and long-lasting skin brightening. Welcome to read the following.

Fast-acting skin rejuvenation combination: Morning C Night A

Morning C Night A means using anti-oxidant vitamin C products during the day and anti-aging vitamin A products at night. The combination of these two above gives you an instant rejuvenation experience.

NANO-Double Vitamin C: rejuvenate and brighten skin

Using vitamin C products during the day can defend against light damage effectively and keep skin radiant. Unicare NANO-Double VC Essence adopts the Elastic Wrap Technology to thoroughly wrap vitamin C of high concentration, which can improve its stability. It is not easy to oxidize and can be stored easily. At the same time, combining with Unicare’s patented whitening ingredient – UNICARE109, a probiotic essence, can help keep skin micro-ecological balance and appear charmful shining.

NANO-Granactive Retinoid: firm and tighten skin

Using vitamin A products at night can promote the metabolism of old skin keratin so that the skin can remain firming and elastic. Unicare advanced VA-HPR, Granactive Retinoid has multiple advantages, such as high efficacy, strong stability, and good skin feeling. And the new NANO-Peptide in it can penetrate deep into the skin to make it more elastic and firming.

The combination of VC and VA can quickly help the skin achieve a surprising effect. According to various skin conditions, it needs some time to rest and repair skin after use.

Long-lasting skin brightening combination: A+B+C Full-effect Maintenance

Unicare launched ABC Full-effect Essence in new-generation VA, highly stable Ester VC, full-effect B5, and other repairing ingredients, which can further enhance the skin’s barrier and ability to lock water. Such formula can relieve skin dryness, itching, and other discomfort symptoms in the rejuvenation process effectively. Owing to its skin-friendly characteristic, it suits people of all skin types to use for a long time. It can improve the skin condition from the inside out and give the skin a healthy glowing.

We can match vitamin A with various ingredients for different skin types and needs to create your exclusive product. Please get in touch with us to negotiate for more creative vitamin A product formulation inspiration.