202208 | Unicare Monthly Report

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The popularity of the morning C night A anti-aging formula has made many people realize the power of the vitamin A family. However, its skin irritation and weak stability have discouraged many consumers previously. The new generation of vitamin A derivative, HPR, has upgraded its effect and skin feel, becoming the most potent anti-aging star in the future. It has been widely used by many leading brands such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, and the Ordinary! Unicare will give you a brief understanding of the mechanism of vitamin A, as well as the characteristics of HPR, to help you create an exclusive anti-aging hot-seller. More>>

Brands released products to meet the trend of sustainable beauty

The challenges to human survival, such as virus epidemics and extreme climates, have aroused people’s awareness of the harmonious coexistence of human beings and the ecological environment. With the rise of social sustainability awareness, different industries have focused on sustainability issues, and sustainable beauty is believed to be one of the brand’s future development priorities.

Unicare updated monthly reports on the sustainable trend of the leading international brands since August. We sort out how they design products that meet the sustainable expectations of consumers based on the SDGs, hoping to help everyone find product design inspiration that matches their positioning in the sustainable trend. More>>

Sustainable package EcoCa 50% containers save 50% plastic

Responsible packaging is an essential part of sustainable beauty. International beauty giants such as Unilever and L’Oreal have proposed plastic reduction goals. Applying green packaging has become the consensus of many brands in the future. Unicare keeps track of environmentally friendly packaging materials and recommends EcoCa 50% containers. It is composed of calcium carbonate extracted from stone and recyclable plastic, which can save about 50% of plastic and reduce the burden on the earth! It has diverse shapes that meet the needs of various skincare products and brand images. More>>