Embracing the new trend of sustainable beauty, the brands upgraded products for SDGs

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With the rising social awareness of sustainability, brands are increasingly concerned about sustainability issues and have launched sustainable beauty products. Unicare sorted out how the leading brands’ products meet the sustainable expectations of consumers according to Sdg’s sustainable development goals to help brands find product design inspiration that matched their positioning in the sustainable trend.


Using environmentally friendly packaging materials

►Elizabeth Arden White Tea Skin Solutions It has 100% glass bottles. The caps and boxes are sustainable wood certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to protect the environment and natural resources. The brands launched offline promotion activities to promote the product concept of sustainability further. After bringing any empty bottle of skin care products to the cabinet and completing the new product consultation experience, people can get a piece of the product sample.

►N°1 de CHANEL The cream’s cap contains 90% biodegradable bio-based material and 10% sourced from camellia by-products, which can relieve the load on the planet.

►L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE Osmanthus Body Milk The bottle is made of 50% recycled plastic and can be recycled again, fulfilling the brand promise of plastic recycling and reduction.

►FANCL Renewed MCO Mild Cleansing Oil The container uses 100% PET recycled plastic, and the outer box uses paper certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and paper made from bagasse. It improves resource utilization efficiency.

Reduce excess packaging

►N°1 de CHANEL It does not use any cellophane for repackaging and does not contain any instructions papers. Instead, it converts product descriptions into scannable mobile barcodes to reduce the consumption of resources.

Fairtrade in raw materials

►L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE Osmanthus Series The osmanthus is purchased from local growers through a fair trade model in Guilin, China. The brands can guarantee the rights and interests of local farmers.


Use organic pigments

►N°1 de CHANEL The glass bottle is dyed with organic pigments composed of organic compounds. Compared with other general dyes, they require lower heating temperatures, reducing energy consumption.

Extract Ingredients at the place of origin

►L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE Osmanthus Series The essence is extracted and stored immediately after picking the flowers at the origin, which can minimize the weight of raw materials and reduce the carbon produced during transportation.

Reduce the weight of packaging

►N°1 de CHANEL It uses lighter glass bottles than the average weight of the brand’s other glass bottles of similar capacity. It provides refillable cream reducing the carbon footprint of the product in transit.


Use Ocean-Friendly Formula

►Biotherm Waterlover Milky Sun Spray Using the marine-friendly formula, the product does not contain sunscreen ingredients harmful to corals, such as benzophenone and octyl methoxycinnamate, to reduce the chemical interference on marine life and protect the sustainable development of marine ecology.


Use the traditional hand-harvesting methods

►L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE Osmanthus Series It uses the traditional hand-harvesting method to pick osmanthus. Shake the branches with bamboo poles carefully, and the mature flowers fall off lightly. This way can help the sustainable development of plants.

Brands launch new products in terms of packaging, ingredients, formulas, etc., or upgrade existing products that meet sustainable expectations. Unicare provides overall sustainable beauty product designing solutions, helping you seize the opportunity to develop sustainable beauty trends. We look forward to working with you to contribute to the sustainable development of the earth. For more product information, welcome to consult and negotiate.