Beauty Trend | Dual-chamber packaging went viral! Mix and match dosage forms and ingredients to create your hot sellers

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Recently, many top brands have launched dual-chamber packaging products, combining the contents of different functions and textures into one bottle. When we press lightly, they will be mixed and squeezed out. The design not only gives people a refreshing appearance but also provides more possibilities for our product dosage forms and ingredients to mix and match! How do brands use dual-chamber packaging to create explosive products? Unicare has sorted out common matching logic for your reference.

Dosage Forms Mix And Match

01 “Water + Oil” dual-chamber design: The combination of refreshing water and moisturizing oil keeps the skin feeling fresh and moisturizing

More and more products on the market seek to replenish the skin with water and oil. Balanced water and oil can help the skin maintain a healthy and stable state. However, water and oil are incompatible with each other. After they are stored together, we need to shake them before use. The dual-chamber design releases an appropriate amount of water and oil in a scientific proportion. The two integrate to keep skin water-oil balance.

Clarins Double Serum mix oil and water. The inner tube adds oil-soluble plant extract essence; the outer one adds water-soluble active ingredients. You can enjoy the nourishment of oil regardless of grease.

02 “Emulsion + oil (gel)” dual-chamber design: Combine cream with oil or gel to create a more moisturizing or lighter texture for different skin types

The skin conditions of modern people are becoming more and more complex, and a single emulsion or cream may not be able to meet various skin types. With the dual-chamber design, we can get more diverse textures. For example, based on the emulsion, adding oil can make the product more moisturizing; otherwise, adding gel can make the product lighter.

Clarins Plant Gold Nutri-Revitalizing Oil-Emulsion, in addition to the white emulsion tube, is matched with a golden oil tube containing the brand’s classic orchid oil. It makes the product more moisturizing, and the unique aroma of orchids makes it a relaxing treat.

Ingredients Mix And Match

01 “High-concentration ingredients” dual-chamber design: Separate high-concentration ingredients to improve its storage stability

With the trend of efficacy maintenance, many consumers focus on whether active ingredient addiction is sufficient. The high concentration of ingredients may affect its stability and increase the difficulty of preservation. The dual-chamber design can independently preserve a specific component to improve the product’s stability and efficacy.

RéVive Clarte Vitamin Brightening Serum stores 15% left-type C and vitamin E in the silver tube alone, and other moisturizing and repairing plant extracts are in the white one. In such a way, it can keep the function of vitamin C very well.

02 “Different functional content” dual-chamber design: Storing various functional content in one bottle becomes a new option for efficient maintenance

In the fast-paced life, efficient maintenance has become one of the trends. Dual-chamber design can store different functional content in tubes with enough ingredients. You can get multiple maintenance effects with one press to improve maintenance efficiency.

Lancome RML Ultra Triple Serum stores brightening, anti-aging and hydrating essence in three tubes, which can fulfill people’s all-around skincare requests.

The dual-chamber design provides more space for creative product design. We don’t need to compromise between ingredients and dosage forms. We can create skincare products that combine efficacy, safety, and comfort more easily. Unicare develops dual-chamber products such as Morning C Night A Dual Tube Serum, Dual-Effect Essence Lotion, etc. For more product information, please get in touch with us.