202209 | Unicare Monthly Report

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Vitamin A of powerful anti-aging effect is popular among ingredient-centric beauties. In recent years, with the launch of leading brands’ products such as Clinique Smart Clinical Repair Wrinkle Correcting Serum, Kiehl’s A-Alcohol All-Purpose Renewal Anti-Scar Essence, and AHC Youth Focus Essence, vitamin A has aroused heated discussion in the beauty circle. To help the brand to create unique products in this trend, Unicare has designed a variety of vitamin A matching solutions. For tolerant and sensitive skin, we have organized two sets of vitamin A maintenance formulas to meet the dual needs of quick-acting skin rejuvenation and long-lasting skin brightening. More>>

The must-know at-home anti-aging method – EGF Hyaluronic Acid Microneedle Patch

Micro-needling is widely used in aesthetic medicine. It can improve skin problems, such as black spots, large pores, fine lines, etc. However, its high irritation and long repair process discourage many beauties. Unicare launched EGF hyaluronic acid microneedle patch. Its soluble hyaluronic acid microneedle can carry anti-aging ingredients into the bottom of the skin. You can enjoy skin rejuvenation brought by micro-needling technology at home. More>>

The multi-tube design went viral! Mix and match dosage forms and ingredients to create your hot selling

The launch of LANCÔME RML Ultra Triple Serum shows more possibilities for multi-tube product design. It combines products with different functions into one bottle, which can meet multiple maintenance needs with one press. The multi-tube design gives people a refreshing appearance and provides more space for our product formulations and ingredients to mix and match. We can create a maintenance product with diverse textures and functions. Unicare sorted out the multi-tube product designs of leading brands, such as Clarins, to provide references for the brands. More>>