Three “Refreshing and Brightening” Steps from the leading brands: Cleansing, Rejuvenating, Sun Protection

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With the arrival of summer, it is becoming hotter and more humid. This series of skin problems such as excess oil production, acne and breakouts, and enlarged pores bother people a lot. Brands have launched new arrivals for cleansing, rejuvenating, and sun protection to meet consumers’ maintenance needs for “refreshing and brightening” in summer.

01 Cleansing|Remove excessive oil and old cutin

Excess oil production causes clogged pores quickly and make the skin look rough and dull. Since removing the excessive oil and old cutin on time contributes to fresher and brighter skin, the brands use particles made from minerals and plants to exfoliate the skin. What’s more, Adding natural enzymes can also help get rid of old cutin mildly.

► SUQQU Vialume, the Cleansing Cream, has a double-layer structure that solid oil is clad in a water-based layer, which can dissolve the dirt and excessive oil accumulated in pores. In addition, the white clay powder and the plant-derived scrub particles are added to clean the old cutin and improve the skin transparency.

► British Cleansing Brand EVE LOM Foaming Cream Cleanser adds pumpkin fermented extract to accelerate the metabolism of old cutin, making the skin softer. There is also Sodium PCA, one of the natural moisturizing factors, to strengthen the cutin and keep the skin fresh.

02 Rejuvenating|Control oil and shrink pores

The brand also launched rejuvenating products containing acid to unclog pores, soften cutin, and balance the excessive oil on the face. And the addition of plant extracts such as Baikal Skullcap, Pig Thigh, and Green Tea can also help control the oil mildly.

► AHC【 Ampoule Directory line 】 combines succinic acid and PHA dual fruit acid at high concentration. The water-soluble acid with small molecular structures can be absorbed by the skin quickly and effectively improves enlarged pores and dull skin. It’s worth mentioning that the compound formula of it is more gentle for sensitive skin.

► American minimalist Brand (MALIN+GOETZ) Resurfacing Face Serum combines 8% plant AHAs and 2% vitamin C. The former can exfoliate the old cutin gently and balance excessive oil, while the latter can brighten the skin and protect it from environmental stimuli. In addition, nicotinamide is applied to improve enlarged pores and strengthen the skin barrier.

► Korean Vegan Brand I DEW CARE 【 Yoga Meow Line 】 adds Pig Thigh to clean pores and purify skin, and at the same time, soothe sensitive skin. Moreover, green tea extract is added to maintain the skin’s oil-water balance further.

03 Sun protection|relieve the burden of face

Regarding sun protection, the brand launched products with a light texture. Combining physical and chemical sunscreens can better balance the protection effect and user experience. Meanwhile, as sustainability issues are becoming hot, many brands upgrade their products to ocean-friendly formulas.

► TUNEMAKERS Undiluted Solution U.V. Protector contains fullerene essences at high concentration – S.F. physical fullerene and R.S. water-soluble fullerene. It’s a combination of physical and chemical sunscreen. And the texture is moist and light to reduce the burden on the skin!

► RMK Cool Gel Hydrating Face Primer has a refreshing gel texture. And the menthol in it brings a relaxed feeling after smearing. Besides tightening pores, it can soothe the skin. Moreover, it can relieve excess oil production and achieve long-lasting makeup.

► DR.CINK U.V. Protection Creme contains soft-focus retouching microspheres; oil-absorbing microspheres are non-greasy. In addition, a “compound soothing agent” is added to form a protective layer on the skin and reduce water loss.

► ALLIE Gel UV EX has a light and watery texture, which is comfortable and non-sticky. It upgrades the original hot-selling items by adopting ocean-friendly formulas and reducing plastic packages for sustainable consumption. While making yourself more beautiful, it also makes marine ecology better.

The three steps of cleansing, rejuvenating, and sun protection help achieve the effect of “refreshing and brightening.” Even in hot summer, we can still have good skin conditions. Unicare provides a variety of watery light sunscreens, and the ocean-friendly formula is available for sustainable consumption. At the same time, a series of rejuvenating essences with high concentrations have been launched, with significant effects and mild ingredients. It supports rapid production in small quantities. Welcome to contact us for more product details.