Taiwan “Prohibited Ingredient List for Cosmetics” revision officially implemented on July 1

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When producing and selling skincare products, it must strictly abide by the laws and regulations related to cosmetics. Previously, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration issued an amendment announcement on the “Prohibited Ingredient List for Cosmetics.” When will the amendment be officially carried out? What changes should we pay attention to? Read and understand the latest information through this article quickly!

The amendment is officially implemented on July 1

The “Prohibited Ingredient List for Cosmetics” mainly prohibits certain ingredients that are harmful to humans potentially from being added to cosmetics to ensure the safety of products used by consumers. With scientific research development, many high-risk ingredients are gradually complemented. And the latest revision of Taiwan’s “Prohibited Ingredients List for Cosmetics” will be officially implemented on July 1.

Two major revisions should be noted

Add 4 banned ingredients

lanroot oil(Inula helenium L.)

Rauwolfia serpentina L., alkaloids and their salts

Yohimbine and its salts

Tripterygium wilfordii Hook.f.


► No. 572 Beryllium and its compounds is similar to

► No. 114 No. 562 Bithionol (INN) is similar to No. 3

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