202205|UNICARE Report

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As an essential step in a daily skincare routine, serum can improve skin problems effectively and quickly. It is also one of the items with a relatively high price. There are many similar products on the market. How to choose the suitable one confuses many consumers.

Step 1|Understand different kinds of essence and suitable skin type

Unicare sorts out the common serum categories and proposes suitable solutions for different skin problems. At the same time, we provide guidelines for the use steps of serums and suggestions on the best time to use them, so as to help consumers to use the products correctly and get better effects. More>>

Step 2|Choose a high-concentration essence or the ordinary essence

In recent years, the highly concentrated serum has been discussed widely in the “beauty circle.” This type of serum is usually named after “ingredient + percentage.” Its ingredients are more straightforward and at higher concentrations. There are pronounced differences between highly concentrated serums and normal ones in terms of ingredients, formulas, concentration, and efficacy. More>>

Step 3 | Understand how concentration ratios to be truly effective

However, more and more products on the market are advertised as “high concentration” to attract attention. Exactly, focusing on high concentration unilaterally will not improve the product’s efficacy but will cause irritation and damage to the skin easily instead. Unicare has determined the recommended concentration of some popular active ingredients for your reference. More>>

Step 4|Discuss product design with UNICARE

Unicare launched highly concentrated daily ampoule serums to meet the market demand, which includes six functions- moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging, soothing, rejuvenating, and eye care. We designed high-concentration formulas to provide consumers with a safe and efficient maintenance experience. More>>

Brands launched new arrivals to meet consumers’ needs for “refreshing and brightening” in summer

At the beginning of summer, brands launched a series of new products from three aspects: cleaning, rejuvenating, and sun protection to meet customers’ unique maintenance needs for “refreshing and brightening” in summer. Unicare has sorted out the hot-sellers in May, such as SUQQU Vialume the Cleansing Cream, TUNEMAKERS Undiluted Solution UV Protector, RMK Cool Gel Hydrating Face Primer, and so on. We analyze their highlights in ingredients and formulas to give you more product design inspiration. More>>

Skincare tips for oily skin! Help you to choose the suitable products!

Summer maintenance of oily skin

Oily skin is often affected by skin problems such as too much oil, enlarged pores, and acne. Unicare proposes four maintenance designs: anti-acne toner, peeling essence, acne pen, and concealer to help eliminate “glossy face” and “acne skin.” More>>

How to choose cream for oily skin

Meanwhile, oily skin should be careful about the choice of product texture. The greasy texture will increase the burden on the skin and worsen skin problems. Unicare has sorted out the four standard textures: lotion, cream, gel lotion, and gel cream. We evaluate their moisture and lightweightness and recommend suitable ones according to skin types and scenarios. More>>

Taiwan “Prohibited Ingredient List for Cosmetics” Amendment is implemented on July 1st!

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration issued an amendment announcement on the “Prohibited Ingredient List for Cosmetics,” which will be officially carried out on July 1. Four banned ingredients were added in the revision, and two duplicated components were deleted. People in the beauty industry must pay attention to regulatory changes and produce legal and safe products. More>>