202206|UNICARE Report

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Find the differences between sheet mask & smear mask, get the tips of partition maintenance

Sheet mask vs. Smear mask

Whichever season we are in, there must be a mask on the dressing table of beauty lovers. It can nourish the skin intensively and improve skin problems, especially dullness quickly. Facing different kinds of products on the market, how to choose the suitable ones has become a problem for many people. Unicare sorts out the common types of facial masks on the market – sheet masks and smear masks and make recommendations for various skin types according to their materials. More>>

5 types of formulas for smear mask

However, as modern people‘s skin condition is becoming more and more complex, a dull skincare scheme can no longer meet their maintenance needs. Unicare sorts out common skin problems of distinctive skin types and provide corresponding solutions. At the same time, we provide solutions for skin problems in various parts of the face by taking advantage of five mask functions brightening, oil-controlling, firming, moisturizing and soothing. More>>

Need moisture and refreshment? A must-have item in summer – “Sorbet Cream” can satisfy you!

In summer, we easily suffer from skin moisture loss, whether standing in the sun outside or staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time. Whereas oily skin tends to skip moisturizing in summer due to worrying the products will increase the burden on the skin. As a result, skin problems appear frequently.

What is sorbet cream? Like a gel or cream?

The innovation – “sorbet cream,” can meet the maintenance needs of” moisturizing but refreshing.” Owing to its refreshing feeling and hydrating texture, it has been widely popular among many people. Unicare compares “sorbet cream” with “cream” and “gel” from five aspects: cooling, hydration, refreshment, oil-controlling, and moisturizing, and then provides a guide for purchasing. More>>

Formula design of sorbet cream

At the same time, except for being applied in moisturizing products, we found that sorbet cream with properties of cooling and oil-controlling are used to design products with various functions, such as firming pores, oil-controlling anti-acne, brightening, and so on to satisfy people’s daily skincare needs. More>>

Know about the correct exfoliating methods to make your skin smooth and tender

Get Smooth Skin – regular exfoliation

In addition to moisturizing, cleansing appropriately is also the key to a summer skincare routine. As the temperature rises, the oil secretion of the skin is increasing. The dead skin cells accumulated in the pores must be removed to keep the skin healthy and shiny. Unicare identifies the main exfoliating methods –physical and chemical exfoliation- and provides consumers with user guides. More>>

Face & body exfoliation

It is remarkable that since the conditions of facial skin and body skin differ from each other, their exfoliating products of them are various too. Unicare analyzes the characteristics of face and body exfoliating products from both formulation and texture and provides the brands with product designing guides. More>>

The brand’s new arrivals in June will take you to understand the key to glowing and dewy skin in summer

In June, leading brands such as LANCOME, LANEIGE, FANCL, and so on launched a series of new arrivals to meet people’s needs for “brightening” and “hydrating” in summer. They provide consumers with a more comfortable and practical skincare experience by upgrading the hot whitening ingredient and improving the product’s efficacy and texture. We can keep fair, tender, and radiant skin even in such hot weather. More>>