World Allergy Day|Unicare cares for your skin health

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There is a kind of grievance in the world called allergy. Once a specific allergen button is triggered, various discomfort will come to you instantly, and it even threatens your life. To raise people’s awareness of allergic diseases and scientifically prevent allergic reactions, the World Allergy Organization (WAO) and the World Health Organization have designated July 8 every year as World Allergy Day. Do you learn the differences between allergic skin and sensitive skin, one of the skin types we are familiar with? How to reduce the risk of allergic reactions in a daily skincare routine?

The differences between allergic skin and sensitive skin

Allergic and sensitive skin can cause discomforts, such as dryness, redness, and itching, but their causes are pretty different. Only by distinguishing them clearly can we find the correct treatment method.

Allergic skin: It belongs to a type of self-protection mechanism of the human body. When being stimulated by specific allergens, such as pollen, dust mites, animal dander, etc., or eating foods prone to allergic reactions, such as milk, honey, seafood, etc., it is easy to cause skin allergy symptoms.

Sensitive skin: It refers to skin that has been in a fragile state for a long time. As the stratum corneum is thinner, the skin is easily affected by outside factors, such as weather changes, air pollution, skincare ingredients, etc., which may irritate and cause various skin discomforts.

Science approaches to relieving the risk of allergy

The generation of allergic skin is related to genetic heredity, environmental factors, the immune system, and other factors. When relative symptoms occur, we need to consult a professional doctor and receive treatment as soon as possible. However, sensitive skin can be improved by a daily skincare routine.

01 Know about the new trend of clean beauty

To reduce the risk of sensitive skin, effective ingredients and nutritional formulas are the key points in the choice of daily skin care products. Unicare 2022 beauty trend analysis report mentioned that clean beauty would be the main direction of the beauty industry in the next five years. It emphasizes the easiest way to achieve the best maintenance effect. Every active ingredient in the product is in need, which interacts with each other to achieve the best result. In addition to reducing the burden on the skin, it can solve skin problems better. More>>

02 Keep skin micro-ecological balance

They are generally, balancing microflora on the surface of the skin help to build a protective barrier for the skin. However, relative skin problems will appear once the microflora is out of balance. In a daily skincare routine, we can take advantage of micro-ecological maintenance, which means applying certain active ingredients to help the skin restore the balance of microflora, enhance the skin barrier, and protect sensitive skinMore>>