Partition skin care is more effective ways for modern people!

Partition skin care is more effective ways for modern people!

Affected by complicated factors such as environmental changes, personal lifestyle and physical conditions, modern people mostly own combination skin. As dull scheme can no longer suitable our needs, partition skincare that customized skincare products for different skin zones is essential for us.

First step: Finger out your skin types

Generally, according to the content of water and oil, skin types are mainly divided into four main categories: Normal, Oily, Dry and Combination skin. In addition to the normal skin in good condition, the other three types have relative skin problems.

Since you understand your own skin type and related potential skin problems, you can build an effective skincare routine. For different skin types or different problem skin areas, there are corresponding masks can be used to improve our overall facial skin condition comprehensibility and effectively .

According to skin type

According to effects

Unicare provides a set of mask including five functional products: brightening, cleansing, firming, moisturizing and repairing. It can customize mixing skincare programs for customers to achieve more professionally distinct and more obviously efficient effect. Welcome to contact us for cooperation.

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