What is “Blue Beauty”? Understand how brands enter the blue beauty market!

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World Oceans Day, celebrated on June 8th, elevates our awareness of sustainable ocean development. Coincidentally, it also harmonizes with the rising tide of ‘Blue Beauty,’ a recent innovative shift in the beauty industry. This trend surpasses the traditional green movement and takes a more profound plunge, expanding our earth-centric love to embrace a deep admiration for our oceans. So how do we keep up with this blue wave? This article will give you the genesis of Blue Beauty to master its application in your brand. Ready to make a splash? Dive in with us!

What is Blue Beauty?

Jeannie Jarnot, the founder of Beauty Heroes, spearheaded the Blue Beauty movement. She aimed to encourage beauty brands to contribute positively to the environment by reducing harm and actively implementing regenerative practices. Blue Beauty is a transformative approach to producing, packaging, and disposing of beauty products. It seeks to minimize or eliminate plastic waste, ensure the safe disposal of products, and protect our aquatic ecosystems from harmful chemicals found in many beauty items.

The Difference Between Blue Beauty and Green Beauty

While Green Beauty primarily focuses on the ingredients—encouraging natural, organic, and non-toxic elementsBlue Beauty goes further. It focuses on the ingredients used and beauty products’ packaging, shipping, disposal, and environmental footprint. It’s not just about creating products that are good for the consumer but about creating products that are good for the environment.

How Do Brands Achieve Blue Beauty

Achieving Blue Beauty requires a holistic approach, considering its entire product lifecycle and ensuring that each stage—ingredient sourcing, production, packaging, shipping, disposal, and giving back—is guided by environmental responsibility.

Ingredient SourcingThe ingredients are as pure as the ocean and will not disrupt the balance of nature and pollute water resources.
ProductionThe manufacturing process uses water efficiently and causes waste reduction.
PackagingPackaging adopts a coral-reef-friendly approach, emphasizing recyclable, reusable, or refillable materials.
ShippingShipping logistics aim to reduce carbon emissions, lowering carbon emissions through smarter shipping choices.
DisposalEnd-of-life solutions for products and packaging focus on recyclability or biodegradability while educating consumers on responsible disposal.
Giving BackBrands are encouraged to contribute to environmental causes through financial donations to conservation projects or active participation in cleanup and reforestation efforts.


Blue Beauty is more than just a ripple—it’s a transformative wave steering us toward a sustainable future. As we navigate the realm of beauty and glamour, we are responsible for ensuring that the products we cherish also preserve the enchanting beauty of our blue planet. At Unicare, we’re proud to offer sustainable solutions for ingredients, formulas, and packaging materials. We invite you to reach out and explore the possibilities of creating impactful blue beauty business opportunities with us!