The 2023 trend in Microbiome skincare: Skincare should be a comprehensive nourishment process from the inside out for the skin to be at its best!


The beauty and skincare market continually sees fresh concepts and innovations. Consumers not only seek effective skincare but also emphasize whether skincare products can provide sustained and precise solutions to their skin concerns. The concept of ‘Microbiome skincare’ is a new skincare trend! Nowadays, consumers are no longer limited to pursuing the texture and effectiveness of skincare products but place greater importance on the ingredients within the products. Additionally, with modern information being more accessible, consumers prefer consciously selecting products suitable for their skin types, avoiding blind consumption. How can a product stand out among numerous competitive options? Below, we will delve into the significant trends in the 2023 Microbiome skincare market.

Trends in ‘Microbiome Skincare’:

As of 2023, a major trend in the beauty and skincare market is shifting towards a more holistic skincare concept. Consumers are seeking not only basic efficacy but also comprehensive skincare that nourishes the skin from the inside out, maintaining its health and balance. The four key trends are as follows:

1. Growing discussions on Microbiome skincare:

From 2020 to the present, discussions about Microbiome skincare have been steadily increasing in social communities, garnering significant attention and discussion among consumers in 2023.

2. Microbiome skincare for holistic skin improvement:

Microbiome skincare helps balance the skin’s microbiome, providing a gentle and comprehensive approach to improving various skin issues from the inside out, in contrast to the one-sided approach of traditional skincare.

3.Consumer aspirations for soft and refined skin:

Consumers hope that Microbiome skincare can make their skin softer, smoother, and maintain a healthy, youthful complexion.

4. Consumer focus on the active ingredients in skincare products:

In discussions about Microbiome skincare, consumers pay attention to the active ingredients added to skincare products. As a result, many well-known brands in the market are highly discussed and sought after by consumers.

Examples of Microbiome Skincare Products from Prominent Brands:

Lancome – Advanced Génifique:

In 2019, Lancome upgraded its second-generation iconic serum, highlighting ‘skin microbiome.’ Annie Black, Lancome’s Global Scientific Director, spent 20 years developing the exclusive ‘BIO-7 Microbiome Repair Patent,’ utilizing 7 beneficial bacteria and prebiotics to repair the skin from within, strengthen the skin’s resilience from the outside, and upgrade the skin condition, promoting a youthful appearance.

SK-II – Facial Treatment Essence:

In 1980, SK-II introduced the ‘Facial Treatment Essence,’ representing the first iconic product in Microbiome skincare. Its core ingredient, Pitera (a byproduct of yeast fermentation with characteristics similar to skin’s natural moisturizing factor), significantly enhances absorption, revitalizing the skin’s four essential power sources from the inside out, leaving the skin crystal clear.

La Roche-Posay – CICAPLAST BAUME B5 Reno:

Based on a decade of research on skin microbiome, this repairing balm is enriched with a high concentration of 5% provitamin B5 and a patented probiotic extract. It balances the skin’s microbiome, reinforces the skin’s defense mechanism, and helps improve various skin conditions like dryness, peeling, and redness, providing comprehensive skin repair.

With the efforts of major brands, ‘Microbiome skincare’ has found a place in consumers’ hearts, indicating a certain market foundation. In other words, it has gained a foothold in the market. How can a brand position itself in its unique market? UniCare, with its exclusive research and development of the Microbiome skincare product series, showcases innovation in ingredients, technology, and operational principles. We assist your brand in exploring a market that suits your specific customer base within the Microbiome skincare realm.

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