Is the Hot Skincare Trend “Morning C Evening A” or “Morning P Evening R” Suitable for You? Prioritizing Daytime Defense and Nighttime Repair


In the world of beauty and skincare, trends and popular methods are constantly emerging. Following the “Morning C Evening A” skincare routine, there is a recent sensation on platforms like Little Red Book: the “Morning P Evening R” regimen. But you might be wondering, are these skincare routines suitable for your skin? In this article, we will delve deep into skincare methods and guide you on how to implement these routines, explaining why they are crucial for skin health.

The “Morning P Evening R” Skincare Regimen

Before we dive into skincare methods, let’s first understand the basic definitions. “Morning P Evening R” is essentially the prototype of “Morning C Evening A.” In this context, “Morning P” stands for “Protect,” which includes daytime protective measures such as UV protection, pollution defense, and antioxidant damage prevention. On the other hand, “Evening R” represents “Recover,” focusing on nourishing and repairing the skin at night while combating signs of aging. The key to “Morning P Evening R” lies in protecting and repairing the skin, rather than blindly using high-concentration products. Therefore, it is recommended to choose skincare products rich in antioxidants and skin-strengthening ingredients for the morning routine and prioritize repair and rejuvenation in the evening.

Key to Skincare: Daytime Defense and Nighttime Repair

The core philosophy of the “Morning P Evening R” skincare regimen revolves around “Daytime Defense” and “Nighttime Repair.” During the day, the skin is exposed to UV rays, pollution, and other external stressors, making daytime defense crucial. Choose a daytime skincare product with antioxidant properties, such as vitamin C, to combat the damage caused by free radicals while brightening the complexion. Finish your morning routine with sunscreen to ensure adequate protection for your skin.
Nighttime repair is the time when the skin rejuvenates and regenerates. At night, use products containing ingredients like vitamin A (Retinol) or Bakuchiol to accelerate cell turnover, reduce wrinkles, address texture concerns, and tackle acne issues. When incorporating vitamin A products, it’s advisable to introduce them gradually to avoid skin sensitivity.

Successful Products for the “Morning P Evening R” Routine::

  1. Daytime Defense:

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum 60ml:

Infused with the soothing herbal scent of parsley seed, this serum contains parsley seed, vitamin E, and red algae, creating a breathable barrier on the skin to shield it from environmental stressors.

Clarins Double Serum 30ml:

Enriched with 20+1 potent plant extracts such as turmeric, cat’s claw, and life plant, this unique “water-in-oil” serum revitalizes, hydrates, illuminates, softens, and soothes the skin. It also reduces signs of aging, leaving the skin looking youthful and healthy.


 2. Nighttime Repair:

Helena Rubinstein Prodigy Cellglow The Deep Renewing Concentrate 50ml:

The rare coral grass extract from France effectively revitalizes early aging and oily skin. The newly added Idokdo ingredient helps protect the skin from environmental aging stimuli. The upgraded redwood seed and red myrrhol resin soothe dryness and redness, revitalizing the skin’s healthy radiance.

Avène Ysthéal Intense Redensifying Serum 30ml:

One drop, all-round repair for plump, firm, and youthful skin. Bakuchiol effectively firms the skin and restores elasticity, while polyphenols boost hyaluronic acid synthesis by 1.6 times, deeply nourishing the skin’s depths.

Whether you opt for the “Morning P Evening R” skincare regimen or the “Morning C Evening A” routine, the core philosophy revolves around “Daytime Defense” and “Nighttime Repair.” These two steps can help you maintain healthy skin, prevent signs of aging, and improve skin texture. It is advisable to choose suitable products based on your skin’s needs for optimal results. We are committed to providing valuable skincare product information and recommendations to enhance your brand’s product line. Feel free to reach out to us to explore new opportunities in the beauty and skincare industry!

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