2023 summer relies entirely on perfect protective sunscreen products, which not only prevent tanning and aging but also require smart choices of formulation!

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With the rising awareness of skin health among people, the sunscreen product market is in a phase of rapid development. Consumers now have higher expectations for effective UV protection and comfortable texture. What specific product features do consumers care about? How can we meet their expectations? Unicare’s 2023 Latest Sunscreen Product Trend Report will reveal product design strategies and future development trends. Download the full report now to grasp the future trends of sunscreen products!

Pursuing Skin Health Awareness and Making Smarter Choices for Efficient Protection

With the increasing focus on skin health

Consumers’ demand for sunscreen products has been steadily rising. They pay more attention to product ingredients, efficacy, and safety. There is a growing demand for sunscreens with high UV protection and a preference for natural and organic ingredients.

The Pursuit of Effective Protection

Consumers now have higher requirements for the effectiveness and protection capabilities of sunscreen products. They seek products with high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) values and broad-spectrum protection, which can effectively prevent damage from UVA and UVB radiation. Additionally, water-resistant and sweat-resistant properties are also points of concern for consumers.

The Importance of Comfortable Texture

A comfortable user experience is one of the essential factors influencing consumers’ choice of sunscreen products. Consumers care about whether the product has a lightweight texture, is easy to apply evenly, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky feeling after use.

What kind of product formulation specifically captures consumers’ favor?

Sunscreen products are indispensable in the market, but consumers’ demands for them continue to rise. Major brands should pay attention to consumers’ health awareness, protection efficacy, and user experience, providing efficient and comfortable sunscreen products. Want to further understand sunscreen product trends? Unicare’s 2023 Latest Sunscreen Product Market Trend Report, combining creative research and user feedback data analysis, offers you the latest insights into sunscreen products, igniting the next creative storm for your brand. Feel free to leave your information to get the complete 2023 Sunscreen Product Market Trend Report for free.

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