Beauty Cruelty-Free! Replacing animal-based ingredients with plant-derived ones

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With the rising environmental and animal protection awareness, “cruelty-free” products that are not tested on animals and “vegan” products that do not contain animal ingredients have attracted increasing attention. According to Unicare’s research, many top brands have followed up these trends and launched many environmentally friendly new arrivals, replacing animal-derived ingredients with plant-derived ingredients to provide consumers with new options for sustainable maintenance!

Plant collagen replaces animal collagen

Collagen is an essential protein in human skin structure, which can maintain skin elasticity and moisture. It is a common moisturizing and anti-aging ingredient in many skin care products. Collagen was previously extracted from animal tissues such as pigs, cattle, and fish.

However, it has been found that carbohydrate proteins obtained from plants have a similar structure to animal collagen and also have moisturizing effects on the skin, so we call it to plant collagen.Chantecaille, a famous vegan brand, has a newly launched Oil Free Balancing Moisturizer, which adds “plant collagen” to keep the skin moist and radiant.

Plant-based squalane instead of animal-based squalane

Squalane, an essential part of the skin barrier, can rejuvenate and moisten skin, protecting it from external stimuli. It is widely used in many hydrating and repairing products. As deep-sea sharks are rich in squalane, people began to slaughter them to get the extracts from their cod liver oil. Conservation Organization Shark Allies estimates that 2,500 to 3,000 sharks can produce 1 ton of cod liver oil, and about 2.7 million sharks are killed yearly. As a result of overfishing, the number of sharks is decreasing, and the marine ecology is gradually unbalanced.

In addition to cod liver oil, we can extract squalane from plants like olives, sugar cane, etc. More plant-based squalane products are on the market to protect marine ecology. Taiwan Neogence Anti-Wrinkles Advanced Eye Cream applies ECOCERT-certified Italian olive squalane, which can relieve dryness and roughness, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and keep the skin moist and soft.

Plant-fermented oil can replace animal oil

Animal oil can reduce moisture loss and keep the skin soft and smooth. Many skincare products use this as the base to make the product texture more moisturizing and easy to apply. But animal oil is extracted from animal fat, which endangers animal health and affects the natural food chain.

In recent years, people have begun to seek more sustainable ingredients – plant oils derived from plants. Plants contain multiple natural components that can meet different skin concerns. W Treatment Oil from Japanese top brand RMK combines the oils of various plants, such as olive oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, etc., to nourish the skin deeply.

Unicare obtains pure plant-fermented oil through innovative fermentation technology, which has a refreshing skin feel and a more moisturizing effect, providing more possibilities for sustainable formulas. Forest in Jeju Oil, rich in polyphenols, repairing and soothing Summer in Jeju Oil, and Sunset in Jeju Oil with multiple functions are all available to create exclusive sustainable products for you. For more creative ingredients and formula information, welcome to contact us!