202210 | Unicare Report

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With the rising environmental and animal protection awareness, products that are not tested on animals and do not contain animal ingredients have attracted increasing attention. According to Unicare’s research, many top brands have followed up these trends and launched new arrivals, replacing animal-derived components with plant-derived ingredients to provide consumers with new options for sustainable maintenance! More>>

We sort out replacing solutions for common animal ingredients in skincare products like collagen, squalane, animal oil, etc. And Unicare obtains pure plant-fermented oil through innovative fermentation technology, providing more possibilities for sustainable formulas. We will help you design the hot sellers of both sustainability and efficacy.

Gentle cleansing power! Three amino acid cleansers for various skin concerns

In recent years, the gentle amino acid cleanser has been popular among beauties. However, its poor cleansing lather and weak cleansing power upset many people. To address such concerns, Unicare has improved the ingredients and formulas to provide customers with a better cleansing experience with a comfortable skin feel and ultra-cleansing effect. Sensitive skin after peeling, skin influenced by external stimulus, or oily acne skin behind the mask, can all choose suitable amino acid cleansers to wash out good skin. More>>

2022 in-cosmetics Asia is coming soon! Get to know about Unicare best sellers!

In-cosmetics Asia, the largest cosmetics ingredient event in Asia-Pacific, will be held on November 1st in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2022. UNICARE will jointly exhibit Taiwan’s advantageous plant extract raw materials, special techniques, and exclusive formulas with two raw material suppliers, lmDerma and GloryAge, to promote Taiwan’s beneficial R&D power to the world!

We will show Unicare Skin Glow Makeup Base, which uses the exclusive Watery Suspension Technology to thoroughly coat the powder with the essence. It contains 150,000 micro-crystal balls, which can quickly achieve the effect of suitable application, high concealment, and better fit. More>>