A Must-Read for Beauty Brands: The Importance of Implementing PIF and Its Timeline


The Republic of China (Taiwan) is set to officially implement the Product Information File (PIF) system on July 1, 2024. This marks a significant milestone for the beauty industry. This article outlines the key points of PIF and how Unicare Biotech assists brand partners in completing PIF product information files, ensuring that beauty brand partners are well-prepared and confident in embracing the new system.

Understanding PIF (Product Information File)

First, let’s understand PIF. Why is the PIF system essential? The key points are to strengthen self-management among beauty brand owners, enhance cosmetic safety, and improve information transparency, and quality, thereby fostering consumer trust in brands and products.

The PIF system originates from the EU Cosmetics Regulation, aimed at ensuring the safety and quality of cosmetics. As global beauty market demands for brand safety increase, Taiwan has introduced the PIF system, mandating detailed product information files before product launches. These include comprehensive product details (such as basic product information, ingredients, safety assessments, and functionality test reports). Possessing these documents before product launch not only enhances a brand’s international competitiveness but also boosts product quality through information transparency, instilling consumer confidence.

Importance of PIF Implementation for Brand Owners

– Ensuring Product Safety: The implementation of the PIF system will prompt brand owners and manufacturers to prioritize product safety. Professional safety assessors conduct rigorous safety evaluation reports before product launches, alleviating concerns about adverse skin reactions for consumers.

– Information Transparency, Enhancing Product Trust: The PIF system requires brand owners to disclose detailed product information for verification by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Consumers can feel more secure and develop deeper trust in the brand, enhancing brand image.

– Strengthening International Competitiveness: Detailed ingredient and test reports within the PIF help boost a brand’s competitiveness in the international market. Products meeting international standards more easily enter markets such as the EU and ASEAN, opening wider sales channels for brands.

Taiwan’s PIF Implementation Timeline



– Before June 30, 2024: Manufacturers of special-purpose cosmetics must comply with the approved special certificates for production. Products still available for sale on the market after July 1, 2024, must have a PIF prepared by the manufacturers (brand owners) for record-keeping.

– From July 1, 2024: The original special certificates become invalid. Manufacturers of special-purpose cosmetics must prepare a PIF for record-keeping before product launch (including gifting, displaying, selling, etc.).

– From July 1, 2025: The product categories requiring PIF will expand to include baby products, lip products, eye products, and oral care products.

– From July 1, 2026: All cosmetic products will require a PIF, marking a new era of comprehensive PIF implementation in the cosmetics industry.

How to Effectively Create and Manage a PIF

1. Safety Assessment (SA): Conducted by certified safety assessors to ensure product safety, providing additional consumer assurance.

2. Efficacy Assessment: Testing and verifying the claimed effects of the product (such as sun protection, and anti-acne), with safety assessors conducting simultaneous evaluations to ensure claimed efficacy.

3. New Product Development Timeline and Costs: Creating a PIF requires time and cost investment, including challenge tests (preservative system tests) product stability tests, safety assessments, and other necessary tests. Depending on the safety assessor’s requirements and the number of tests needed, the development timeline for new products will lengthen. Hence, to gain a market edge, brand owners should begin product development and testing early.

How Unicare Assists Clients

1. Regulatory Advocacy: Informing brand clients about PIF regulations and product labeling precautions.

2. Testing Assistance: Introducing qualified testing units to clients, helping them submit samples, and communicating PIF professional testing items with testing units, such as product stability tests, preservative system tests, efficacy tests, etc.

3. PIF Creation: Unicare has certified safety assessors who can assist clients in preparing PIF documents, and ensuring completeness and accuracy of the information.


Implementing the PIF system is undoubtedly a significant transformation for Taiwan’s cosmetics industry. Beauty brand owners must make thorough preparations to ensure product compliance with regulations. Choosing a reliable and professional partner is crucial in this process.

Unicare Biotech boasts an innovative scientific research team focused on R&D and manufacturing, providing timely updates on the latest regulations and professional assistance in completing PIF documentation and progress tracking. Unicare is your trusted partner for brand development, enhancing international competitiveness.

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