Skin Moisturizing Milk Toner

3:7 Golden Ratio for Milk Lotion and Toner

  • Milk Lotion:provides the skin barrier to prevent water loss
  • Toner:provides rich moisturizing to inner skin
  • Deep moisturizing, with increased cell viability feature
  • Contains DNA repair factor which holds the key to the youthful skin

Hydra Beauty Serum

Water + Oil   Skin Needs Both

  • Special Micro Oil-drop Technology

Specific gravity between the essence of water and oil. Not only keep the  aesthetic appearance but also enhance the efficiency.

  • Variety of Functions

The oil drop can hold many ingredients, such as  whitening or  anti-aging ingredients. Also, we can change the color of oil drop and the liquid essence by using the nature active formulation.

  • Increase Absorption Efficiency

By lipophilic properties of the skin, oil drop can carry the liquid essence into the deeper layer of  skin. Also, it can repair the hydrolipidic film and balance the water and the oil.

Magic Vitamins C Powder

Melt by Touching

Absorption in A Second

  • Special Tech-Coating

Keeping the ingredients in the best condition by Special Tech-Coating

  • Small Molecule of Essence

Can be absorbed quickly and effectively

  • Whitening /Lighten the dark spots

Put it on the spot can lighten the spots, moreover, mixing with lotion and essence  in order to enhance the efficiency.

3D Elastic Cream

Elastic collides with small particles which coat essence

  • The cohesion of colloid particles is week so it is easily being cut by external force. Therefore, it has the property to can be re-collected and becomes a more elastic colloids.
  • Essence can be coated by the collides, and when they are applied on skin, the collides will be cut and become small molecules, which makes the essence penetrated in skin. The collide then form a film on epidermis, which hold essence in skin.

Peel away anti-acne Serum

Acne away, clean pore

  • Act as invisible acne dressing peel away the annoying acne
  • Targeted ingredients for Acne with fast and long lasting effect
  • Special film form to prevent acne from infection and prevent scar

Elastic Mask Gel

Similar to Aesthetic Botox Effect

  • Lift and shape up your face with a natural smile angle
  • Ease the facial edema problem and gives you a V shape face
  • Eliminate your facial wrinkle, return youth back to your face

Bubble Mask

The bubble transfer oxygen and essence into the skin brought the hydration into the skin.

This hydrating and nourishing gel transforms into a bubble mask on the face. Watch as bubbles fizz and foam to remove excess dirt and cleanse pores for glowing, healthy looking skin.

Solid Toner


  • Special type of toner with gel appearance. It can be liquid spray by using a special-designed container. The gel toner does not block the nozzle, so don’t worry.
  • The spray contains small molecules which can be easily absorbed by skin.
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